So that the market can always be garapnya menerinya with pleasure. And it is not denied if this device has become the lifestyle of each society. To not wonder if the 6th business information and many are turning to mobail smartphone. With Android which thoroughly dominated the mobile industry, choosing the best Android smartphone is almost identical to choose the best smartphone, period. But while Android phones have few real opponents on other platforms, internal competition is intense. From the sleek devices impress with the design premium, up to a full plant furniture features, to a very good device, and affordable mobile phone has a heavy weight, the Android ecosystem inhabited by a diverse range of attractive mobile phone Download Bijoy Keyboard Layout PDF Download Bijoy Keyboard Layout PDF ,But "oversize" are subjective, and sometimes pieces of the specification and a list of features is not enough to get an idea of how good a phone.

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Subscribe What is Bijoy Keyboard. Bijoy means victory. It is a Bengali word. And Bijoy Keyboard is a keyboard layout that is used to write Bengla and mostly for Printing and Photoshop.

This keyboard layout owned by Mustafa Jabbar. Today, we will talk about how to write Bangla with Bijoy Keyboard. Bijoy Software is not Free. You have to buy software to work with. After Purchasing software, install and start using. People use bijoy from the age of windows till now. And please be noted that Bijoy is not a free application.

Bijoy Ekattor is the last version of Bijoy Keyboard included with Unicode feature. But Bijoy Bahanno is popular then Bijoy Ekattor. Following is the Bijoy keyboard layout. Also you need to set the font! You do not need to buy fonts, its already there in windows fonts folder when you setup bijoy keyboard in your computer.

Well, lets see how to set it. I will show you in Word program of Microsoft office package. I am using Microsoft Office So, if you already installed Bijoy Bayanno or later, fonts already installed in your PC. Open Word Program and then see the below image. Change fonts Go to Home and then click on that font box marked as red in the above image. Once you clicked on that font box, you will see the list of all fonts installed in your PC.

Now choose that red mark box font that is actually SutonnyMJ font. Or any other bijoy font you will see then with bangle letters. Set the keyboard first and also set font. Here G is used to link later.


How to write Bangla with Bijoy Keyboard



Bengali Keyboard Layout ( how to type bangla)


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