Specifications show general compliance with the various standards and should not be taken to meet all terms of the contract or purchase order. B01 copyright VAN BEEST BV, Sliedrecht All Rights Reserved Introduction General In case you do not use the products yourself but are reselling these as a part of a product manufactured by yourself, please take our general cautions and warnings into account and make these known to your customers as well. In any case, we do not accept any responsibility or liability, nor can we be held responsible for any misuse or damage with, by or at your customers due to negligent use. Definitions Material For the production of shackles and other lifting devices, different raw materials are used, depending on the use of the finished product.

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Hydraulic Release Shackle Hydraulic Release Shackle Hydraulic release shackles are used for lifting and positioning structures both subsea as well as at the surface Read more The Hydraulic Release Shackles HRS are used for lifting and positioning structures both subsea as well as on the surface.

The Hydraulic Release Shackle fastens and releases the shackle automatically with an hydraulically operated pin.

The HRS can be remotely operated, which makes sure the human interaction is being reduced, making the shackle operation a safer process. Besides increasing the safety, the hydraulic pin can be operated faster than conventional handling, making the fastening of the shackle more efficient.

It can be remotely operated via a Hydraulic powerpack or by ROV intervention if the need arises. To this date, we have sold over shackles in ranges from In the rental part of the business we have been involved in over projects onshore and offshore with over 2, rental days achieved.

Do you need another range? Please contact us, we are more than happy to help you. We can support you during your project by delivering our Hydraulic Release Shackles, other equipment and services. Do you want more information about the Hydraulic Release Shackles? Do not hesitate to contact us.


Green Pin BigMouth Lifting Shackle G-4263

Next skip P. Dirk van Beest founded the Van Beest company in , initially as a supplier of iron works to the dredging industry, which was strongly developed in the Sliedrecht area. From the very beginning, the company has been forging shackles. Its ironwork expertise gave the Van Beest shackle an edge over the competition and this was the start of a network of professional users that now stretches across the globe. Under this brand grade 8 and grade 10 lifting chain accessories are produced in our French factory. The designs and quality standards of our products are the result of requirements put forward over the years by our customers in markets throughout the world.




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