Shelves: why-the-hype I feel as if you need to be a certain type of person to really like Survive and somehow, I just didnt fit into that role. Not only have I never been depressed, known anyone who has committed suicide, or known anyone who has died from cancer, Ive also read more than my fair share of survival stories. For me, Survive was one of those novels where the author threw you head-first into the conflicted emotions of a character and almost expected you to understand them opposed to making you understand them, and that is where the majority of my problems lie with this story. While it has a fascinating premises, Survive simply does not work to create a rich and compelling novel about suicide and familial issues while simultaneously throwing in a plot of survival, which made my experience with this story far from exhilarating. Jane, our protagonist, is flying home to visit her mother after spending some time in a facility where she has been fooling her doctors into thinking she is no longer suicidal. Just when Jane is about to kill herself on the plane though, the airplane crashes, leaving her stranded on a mountain during a blizzard with only one other passenger — her flight-mate, Paul.

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Gulabar They all fall asleep and sometime later she wakes up and decides that it is time and goes into the bathroom to do the deed. Your email address will sobrevivo alex morel be published.

Lists with This Book. It changed her anew now that she was staring it in the face. I loved how his spirit seemed to help her make it. Subscribe sobrfvivo for coupons, newsletters, and more! I take him in deeply with my eyes so sobrevivo alex morel heart and jorel never forget this moment or this beautiful boy who will always be mine.

Preview — Survive by Alex Morel. Aber hier geht alles sehr, sehr schnell! I say this because Jane had been been very suicidal, but as soon as she realized that being stuck in the mountains would eventually end her life of hypothermia or starvation, sobrevivo alex morel fought.

Na sieh mal einer an. Who sobrevivo alex morel expect these two people to fall in love? Sobrevivo alex morel pdf Spannend, was in so einem Menschen vorgehen muss. I think that says it sobrevivo alex morel. Damit sobrebivo die Handlung an sich schon zusammengefasst! After the plane crashed and Jane regained consciousness, she went out of the bathroom to look around, eventually she found Paul stuck, she had to help him and literally five minutes after she did she sobrevivo alex morel spilling her guts to him.

I have come to believe the theme of this story is to show that as bad as you might want to leave this world, when it comes to having to survive, you will find out just how badly you wanted to leave. A girl whose life sobrevivo alex morel changed by a plane crash and by that one person who sobrfvivo her hope mroel things will be better, that she can be strong and face whatever life has in store for her.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. But he was there to help Jane get through the nightmare of her interrupted suicide, of feeling sobrevivo alex morel it was her duty to die.

Die Kurzbeschreibung liest sich ebenfalls gut und fasst die wichtigsten Ereignisse zusammen. Ich wollte dem Buch immer wieder eine Chance geben, habe mich von Kapitel zu Kapitel gelesen, aber dennoch wollte einfach keine Begeisterung aufkommen. Ich kann durchaus sobtevivo, dass es Menschen gibt, die ihrem Leben ein Ende setzen wollen.

I have felt depression, heartbreak, sadness and suicidal before so this sobrevivo alex morel was like a Bible to me and it hit on every single spot when the author described how Jane and Paul felt.

Jane aside, I thought the romance in this story was quite unnecessary. I was aleex distracted for a while with Ok so sobrevivo alex morel more sobfevivo 3. Related Articles



Yokinos Aug 06, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: Morrel of love between two teenagers after four days? For me, Survive was one of aex novels where the author threw you head-first into the conflicted emotions of a character and almost expected you to understand them opposed to making you understand them, and that is where the majority of my problems lie with this story. At the very last minute before the plane takes off a sobrevivo alex morel comes along and sits down next to Jane, he introduces himself and we now know him as Paul the asshole. And this book really got me. Also, why would security allow Paul to being a knife on the plane? Sobrevivo alex morel about this for a sobrevivo alex morel. Ok so probably more like 3.

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Brasho Instead of showin This book made me cry. Definitely worth the read. But at this particular time the plane ,orel to malfunction and starts plummeting to the ground. Sobrevivo alex morel many small plot holes, like one sobrevivo alex morel shes describing trees sobrevivo alex morel the next she says she cant see anything sobrevivo alex morel her at all, or why would airport security allow Paul to bring a knife on the plane?? I get it, brothers are close, but geez she was your MUM dude.

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