Among the requirements is the GP69 form. Many times skilled teachers spend months on the unemployment list simply because they do not understand the procedure that needs to be followed during the application of the TSC number. GP69 form is one of the mandatory registration requirements, and every teacher should understand what a GP69 form is and how to get it. Here is everything that you need to know about this medical form. This is a medical examination form that is filled by a qualified medical officer in a public health facility and sent to the TSC secretary before you can be issued with a TSC number. It is one of the mandatory documents that an applicant must fill, scan, and attach together with the other documents during the application of the TSC number.

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Certificate of Good Conduct Entry and work permits for non-Kenyans. Once you have these documents, scan and upload their original copies on the TSC number application online website. You will also be required to deposit KES. Be sure to have a bank deposit slip before you proceed with the application. If you are applying for duplicate certificate application, deposit a non-refundable fee of KES.

As indicated above, the application of TSC number requires you to have all the needed documents and finances. Possible causes for failed registration Application for TSC number in Kenya are denied in some cases, necessitating a closer look into the following critical causes of failure; Lack of proper relevant academic and professional qualification Bad moral conduct with former offense conflictions including sexual offense or any other offense against a learner The previous record of criminal offenses that renders the person unfit to be a teacher If the applicant is engaged in activities that are prejudicial to peace, order and good governance If the applicant suffers physical or mental infinity that renders them incapable of performing the duties of a teacher.

If you do not have any of the above conditions, feel free to hit that submit button and wait to be assigned your new TSC number. To do this, fill in all the required information and take note that it is a criminal offense to give false details willfully. If found guilty, you will be required to pay fines of up to KES. Take note that since the online TSC number application system came into existence, TSC does not accept any paper application meaning all applications must be done online.

You therefore, need to ensure that you can access strong Wi-Fi signal or visit a cyber cafe to make your request without any form of interruptions. Remember, TSC number application status is only done online. Subscribe to watch new videos.


Gp 69 Form Medical Examination

For one to get the certificate of registration which has a TSC number, there are certain requirements they must meet. Among the requirements is the GP69 form. Image: pixabay. GP69 form is one of the mandatory registration requirements, and every teacher should understand what a GP69 form is and how to get it.


Teachers Service Commission TSC GP69 Form Download


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