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The category controller relay offers a scalable controller design, with thermocouple, which can provide many settings to work for different applications. The 24V Allen-Bradley manufactured OX8-Output module, category type controller relay, can provide the input component to trust for your computer building, wire, repairing and accessories needs and can be great for category ControlLogix and CompactLogix. The 24V Allen-Bradley manufactured OX8-Output module, category relay wire, can minimize space requirements that were once constrained by rack-based products, and accessories.

The unit can work wonderfully with a category ControlLogix-style chassis, for compatibility, and to meet safety and industry certification standards. Allen-Bradley manufactures programmable logic controllers, human-machine interfaces, software, safety components, and asset management services.

Rockwell International acquired Allen-Bradley in and moved its headquarters to Milwaukee in They produce components for a number of products including control systems, industrial control components, industrial control panels and products, information software and motor control devices. You can retain control by incorporating proven design category technology. The 24V OX8-Output module is a small chassis based, programmable controller hardware system.

These systems can offer powerful and flexible solutions for communications, configuration and an array of features and memory options. The digital contact modules are designed for business and industrial operations and use individually isolated high current relay contact output.

The removable terminal blocks are color coded, to make it easier for wiring and set-up. The module is compatible with a cable. It also contains on board flex data alarming, scaling to engineering units, and real time channel sampling. The manufactured module also comes with various accessories, including thermocouples, with the accessories sold separately. Allen-Bradley manufactured OX8-Output module PLC from Rockwell Automation can add the control you need for efficient and cost effective running of various units in your company.

You can add this module to your business and you can soon see and enjoy the benefits of having one working for you. Product Identifiers.


1746 SLC I/O Modules



Allen-Bradley 1746-OW16


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