Vuzilkree In this short rbief, the protagonist character Angus Bethune wrestles with the image of normality in comparison to his abnormal life. A story about an over weight boy in junior high with not only one gay parent, but two. I feel as if I did not relate as well. Download angsu chrome extension.

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This topic is currently marked as "dormant"—the last message is more than 90 days old. You can revive it by posting a reply. In this short story, the protagonist character Angus Bethune wrestles with the image of normality in comparison to his abnormal life. As an overweight child, Angus longs to be normal and complains about his name and image. Crutcher uses these picturesque ideas and images to characterize his characters and their surroundings in order to provide the reader with details in which he or she can relate.

As the story develops, Angus continues to long for social acceptance and daydreams about dancing with Melissa Lefevre at the Senior Winter Ball. Because they have both been elected as the Senior Winter Ball King and Queen, Angus and Melissa will share a dance alone in front of their fellow classmates. As the day approaches, Angus gains insightful advice from Granddad as well as enrolls in dance lessons for his big moment with Melissa.

He believes that if he does everything right and normal then he will be able to escape the reality of us abnormal life and experience a dream-like moment with the girl of his dreams.

Chris Crutcher presents this story in a way that most people can relate to some of the situations found in the high school setting. This story was an easy read and created a familiar atmosphere that is relevant to most students. In the descriptions and different dialogue found in this story, the author creates the idea of the importance of image versus the reality of particular circumstances.

Angus struggles with the occurrence of stereotypes and discusses how they affect the ways that people are perceived by others. The theme is a familiar idea and can be related to people of all ages that have experienced a variety of situations. Chris Crutcher used an everyday thought and action to create a fun story that will allow students to understand that everyone has a story and struggles with something.

Discuss the comparisons and contrasts and dwell on the idea that normal is relative, cultural, there is no such thing as normal. Discuss where they originate and how they are perceived by other students. Identify subcultures ex. The prominent theme in this short story illuminates the reality of the struggles everyone faces in order to be socially accepted as normal.

I believe this short story is a beneficial read that will allow students to relate to the characters as well as each other on a more personal basis. Issues of stereotypes, same sex relationships and the children who are raised in those households, and learning to love yourself for who you are when everyone else sees you as nothing but a joke.

Angus Bethune wants to fit in with the "in" crowd, but after years of torment over his weight and home situation, he knows that he will never belong to that group of individuals. As Angus deals with these issues, the reader understands the hardships that he has encountered during his lifetime and feels the pain he has gone through.

This short story is a good story for children of any age to read because they can visualize and understand the affects of bullying. Children would enjoy this story because they can relate to what is happening to Angus and make connections with it too.

Compared to "The Ketchup Incident" by Shawn Penning, this is a happy story that ends the way that the reader hopes it does. I really enjoyed reading this short story. This teenage boy has had a hard time at school and at home, so he really has no place of happiness.

He comes from a couple who divorced at a very young age for him and are now married to their same sex. Angus also is a large boy from what the story states, which is what makes his life at school difficult.

This just adds to his image since he is already known for having parents of the same sex. Both his size and parents make it very difficult for him when trying to fit in. I feel like this story is so relatable for so many teens out in the world. They might not live the same situation, but some teenagers have trouble trying find a place to fit in. Not to mention the bullying that went on this story that happens everyday in the real world.

I think this story is an awesome story for teenagers to read. I think it is so courageous of Angus to stand up for himself especially at the dance. Even though he was voted in as senior winter ball king as a joke he took it like a real man. He showed up at the ball instead of backing out and looking like a coward.

I am sure this made Angus have a little more confidence after realizing his dream girl had a problem of her own. Angus is picked as the winter ball king. Through choosing to stand up for himself, and not lose his likability Angus wins over the girl of his dreams and comes out on top. Throughout this particular story many excellent themes are presented. The short story exposes the reality of the difficult life that many kids face.

Angus is born into a family that does not fit the social norm, and because of that he is out casted throughout his childhood. Also, the physical appearance plays a role in how his peers view him.

The largeness of his stature and waist add to the divide between him and other students. This book address the fact that kids faces challenges, but also the way others treat kids who have different lives.

Bullying is such a major part of the story. The inability of others to accept Angus causes so much doubt and dislike towards his own personhood.

However, the book also shows the picture of hope in humanity. When the girl of his dreams treated Angus like a person, and not an outsider, I found hope and so do others. The realization is not everyone is a bully. Many books look at the idea of children facing difficulty throughout childhood. Books such as Diary of a Whimpy Kid, talk about the challenges of being a kid, and not being like different.

The short story was by no far my favorite. I did not like the harsh, blunt attack that Angus put on himself. I did not like seeing the world that way. Even though I know this type of life is a reality, I found it difficult to read.

Also, story stories have never found a major place in my heart, thus this one definitely fell short. I feel as if I did not relate as well. Therefore, the read was not nearly as enjoyable as I would like. Overall, the short story had many valuable lessons that can be used to help students grow into caring people. However, I do not think I would teach this short story in my class, becasue I think there are better written short stories out there.

The main issue that arises in this book is the bullying that students endure. The main character and narrarator is Angus Bethune and he is an overweight teenager who is an Indian School boy. Not only is he bullied for his size, but he is the child of homosexual parents.

His parents divorced and both married the same sex. As a joke by his peers, he has been chosen to be prom king. The prom queen happens to be the girl of his dreams, Melissa.

Angus and Melissa both have issues and it proves that just because your popular in school, does not mean you do not have issues. The end of this story was in a way predictable. I thought this story was funny and interesting. The fact that it was told througheyes really helped me to understand some of the things that people that are bullied go through. I really liked his dry sense of humor in this work. Coming from a dysfunctional family myself, I can relate to some of the feelings he has.

Our situations are different in the sense that his parents are with the same sex, but both of our parents are separated and that was close enough to make a connection. The main issue of this work is the bullying that Angus indures. I definitely agree that bullying is a terrible issue for a child to endure and this book touches bases on just about everything a child could be teased for. With that, there is comic relief through Angus. He is a funny, sarcastic boy, but i think that it is part of his defense mechanism.

Teaching Connections: 1. I think that this would be a good book for students to read, especially those that are experiencing bullying. It would not matter where in the year i placed this reading because this issue happens every day 2. An activity i could do before or after reading this short story would be to place a big straight line down the middle of my class room and as students to stand on either side away from the line.

I would then ask questions like, "Who in here has ever been bullied in some way? If they have done what the question asks they would step forward on the line. This would be an activity that would be eye opening for the students and help them realize that no matter what they are going through they are not alone. Overall i thought this was a good story and would be an excellent read for a child that is experiencing bullying.

The main theme of bullying and "never judge a book by its cover" are throughout this book entirely. If you do not like dry, sarcastic humor, this book may not be for you. This is a comedic short story on a serious issue. Good, eye opening read. Though he makes use of a rather cliche plot, Chris Crutcher does a wonderful job of describing the problem of bullying. Crutcher, before he became a writer, directed an alternative school for inner-city kids in Oakland, California, and later became a family therapist.

Because of his past, the author has become quite familiar with bullying problems, increasing his textual credibility. The story focuses on Angus Bethune, an overweight teenager with two sets of homosexual parents. Angus is often the victim of harsh ridicule from his peers. Melissa Lefevre is one of the prettiest girls in the school, and Angus just so happens to have a crush on her, one that has lasted since kindergarten.


Theme of the Short Story "A Brief Moment in the Life of Angus Bethune"



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