Plot[ edit ] The play is set in Paris at the turn of the 20th century. Raymonde Chandebise, after years of wedded bliss, begins to doubt the fidelity of her husband, Victor Emmanuel, who has suddenly become sexually inactive. Raymonde is unaware that his behaviour is due to a nervous condition. She confides her doubts to her old friend Lucienne, who suggests a trick to test him. Raymonde intends to confront her husband there, and she and Lucienne leave to do so. When Victor Emmanuel receives the letter, however, he has no interest in such an affair and believes the invitation from the mysterious woman was meant for his best friend Tournel, a handsome bachelor.

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For all Im normally a sucker for boulevard comedies, I had trouble getting into this tale of infidelity, mistaken identity, and of course, expertly timed entrances and exits. I think I might try out the Ives translation before I give a definitive verdict. If Ives cant convince me, then I might just have to say this ones the exception to the rule. And A Flea in Her Ear offers you just that- amusement. To make matters even better, in the play I had the Joy to listen to George Constantin.

The other actors are good- Horatiu A Flea in Her Ear by Georges Feydeau Amusement is one way to Positivity, which in turn sets you firmly on the path to success in life, at work and at home, brings you long and happy life.

The other actors are good- Horatiu Malaiele in the lead role and if I am not mistaken, director for one of the productions. Parts of the dialogue are not much to think about.

There are just words spoken in various languages, which one or the other of the participants does not understand. Once in a while we have the man who keeps asking in English questions which another does not understand. Here the tone and attitude are crucial and George Constantin is great and Valentin Teodosiu in another adaptation is not bad at all.

There is another who keeps talking in Spanish, yet another if I am not confused, for it is a light entertainment I did not give it my full attention is an arrogant fool. Wives are involved in deceit, they set up traps for husbands and I remember the revolving part of the stage which kept hiding and then showing various infidels.

Some of the humor is good, hearty and then parts are a bit crude. There is a character that has a speech impediment and I know that would be frowned upon in the too? The husband who desires pleasure, or is it sins? This is no War and Peace, although some moral issues may be envisaged: do not cheat, especially on a clever, intrepid wife, for you would be made a fool of and people would laugh at you. Be kind to others — the owner of the inn is very cruel to his servant and seeing that one feels how awful a mean person can look.

Be open and Interested- interest is another way to achieve Positivity- for you can find fun in The Flea in The Ear- the title in fact is a bit of a turn off, it sounds silly, if not stupid to me, but it goes to prove that sometimes there is a gem hidden in the dirt. I do not strongly recommend this read, but if you just want to relax and laugh There it is.


A Flea in Her Ear




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