Things are dramatically shaping up in the Mideast wherein the Ezekiel Gog-Magog prophecies of chapters 38, 39 are taking form. This is particularly true with the Gog-Magog alliance. All the nations or tribes mentioned then are now taking form as nations joining together in alliance against Israel and to a lesser extent America and Western nations. That particular term seems to be describing foreigners temporarily traveling or living in the land who have evil or violent plans and then act upon them. This would seem to be describing modern-day terrorists who are often described as sleeper-cell terrorists.

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First and foremost would be the Creator-God of the Universe who provided the wisdom and opened my eyes to what is in the Biblical texts of scripture that He wishes to make known to all of us. This author would also like to acknowledge and thank all the professors who provided for my instruction in Biblical Studies at the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago, and at Calvary Bible College in Kansas City. Among those one deserves special mention is the late Chester A. He served as an ongoing instructor for my benefit for nearly 30 years.

Chester was also an esteemed professor at Calvary Bible College. A heartfelt expression of thanks and gratitude to Chester as well as all of the other wonderful professors at both schools. There is also one other educator to acknowledge. William Culbertson, the late President of the Moody Bible Institute had a profound effect upon this author. I have never met a finer, more maturing believer than Dr. A word of thanks to those who have helped to immediately produce this work. Among those are webmaster, Melvin Olson.

My parents, especially my mother, who showed and instructed me in salvation at the tender age of 5 years, and who guided my spiritual education throughout the growing years. Also a big thank you to my father for his patience and support throughout the years. I saved the best for last. A very special thank you to my wife and daughter for their understanding and support during the writing of this book.

Wives truly make the man. This individual claimed that America was the Babylon of Revelation chapter 17, because there was rampant sinful sexual behavior on TV, Radio, the Movies and in every aspect of society. That was his only basis for such a claim, other than he claimed that the Statue of Liberty was an idol harlot. Well now that got my attention, because I felt the Statue of Liberty did not present a particularly alluring image.

In fact, this minister was an ignorant Bible-thumping, money-grubbing moron. He said so many outlandish and completely and scripturally false things, I was amazed that he was so boldly getting away with it.

The more I listened, the angrier I became. The man was an embarrassment to Christianity. I had to write. So, I started to write a letter pointing out the facts that the Bible was not written in English, but rather in Hebrew and Greek. I figured this guy thought that God only spoke in English, as did everyone else in the Bible. Why I ever stopped flipping the channels to watch him that day still amazes me Now a funny thing happened on the way to writing that letter. I never did get it finished.

The moment I began to do some preliminary research, I read the Revelation chapter 17 passage. After I had finished, I noticed why some ignorant moron might jump to a conclusion that perhaps the Statue of Liberty might seem to mildly be sim.

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America the Babylon - 1



America, The Babylon : America's Destiny Foretold in Biblical Prophecy






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