The most interesting part was the history of Android near the beginning and the information on doing digital forensics on an android is interesting but a lot of it is written out in steps that you probably want to go through it on an android phone whilst reading it to fully understand. I am sure if a reader was a digital forensics examiner with a bit of experience, I am sure they would fall in love with this book. There is an overview of the various software you can use for digital forensics on this type of smartphone some of which are free and others are retail software. Some are only free to law enforcement agencies and digital forensic laboratories. There is one program called MobilEdit that will copy the data on an android with one click.

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Personal information is secured with SSL technology. Free Shipping No minimum order. Description Android Forensics: Investigation, Analysis, and Mobile Security for Google Android provides the background, techniques and analysis tools you need to effectively investigate an Android phone.

This book offers a thorough review of the Android platform, including the core hardware and software components, file systems and data structures, data security considerations, and forensic acquisition techniques and strategies for the subsequent analysis require d. The book lays a heavy emphasis on open source tools and step-by-step examples and includes information about Android applications needed for forensic investigations. The book also considers a wide array of Android-supported hardware and device types, the various Android releases, the Android software development kit SDK , the Davlik VM, key components of Android security, and other fundamental concepts related to Android forensics, such as the Android debug bridge and the USB debugging setting.

In addition, it analyzes how data are stored on an Android device and describes strategies and specific utilities that a forensic analyst or security engineer can use to examine an acquired Android device. Core Android developers and manufacturers, app developers, corporate security officers, and anyone with limited forensic experience will find this book extremely useful.

Key Features Named a Best Digital Forensics Book by InfoSec Reviews Ability to forensically acquire Android devices using the techniques outlined in the book Detailed information about Android applications needed for forensics investigations Important information about SQLite, a file based structured data storage relevant for both Android and many other platforms. Readership Computer forensic and incident response professionals.

Table of Contents.


Android Forensics

Computer Science Table of contents Chapter 1. Android and Mobile Forensics Chapter 2. Android Hardware Platforms Chapter 3. Android Forensic Techniques Chapter 7.


Android Forensics : Investigation, Analysis and Mobile Security for Google Android




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