Bell William Original Arban-Bell interpretations for tuba,trombone,beritone x. The Arban Complete Method for Tuba— pages in length—is the premier publication for tubists. It is the largest selling tuba book in the world. The Arban Complete Method for Tuba is essential for all tubists. Posted by Mitchell Boles on 5th Mar Book looks great, nice bindings to it and affordable price point. Along with the Blazhevich and Bordogni spelling for etudes.

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Arban complete method for tuba 4th ed. Posted by earl pitman on 27th Nov Spiral binding is wonderful for page turning and lying flat. Not all the section first pages consistently show Roman numerals as per the table of contents.

Since I have not seen a comparison review and because I own both books, I will offer the info. The big differences in these books are the text and the binding. The text is better in the Encore version my opinion , but the Fisher version is still of some value.

The big difference and this is very important is that the Encore version is spiral bound. The short answer is simply to purchase the Encore Young Arban Method to avoid huge frustration. More details: It seems that the music is the same in both books. I did not check every page, but I am pretty sure they are the same. The text is completely different in these two versions. This makes me think that all of the text may not really be written for tuba but simply taken from an old trumpet Arban.

The text is not bad, it is just not as complete and focused on the tuba as the text by Dr. Young in the Encore version. As I said above, the binding is a huge issue. As soon as I open it up to practice it quickly slams shut! So, I give five stars to this Encore version of Arban.

I do not know how to rate the Fisher book fairly because of the binding issues. Along with the Blazhevich and Bordogni spelling for etudes. But the arbans is better. Etudes, scales, great info about breathing and playing. The authors have really improved upon the trumpet Arbans. Defiantly worth every penny. It is very complete. Posted by Unknown on 10th Dec My daughter has wanted this book for awhile and it comes highly recommended by her Tuba instructor.

She will be very surprised for Christmas! They cover all facets of performance. I highly recommend these studies to all tuba students. They are a must for your library!


Preparatory Book to the Arban Complete Method for BBb Tuba



Arban Complete Method for Tuba Fourth Edition


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