As a direct result of the battle, Italy signed the Treaty of Addis Ababarecognizing Ethiopia as an independent state. Battle of Adwa — Wikipedia Bryan rated it really liked it Apr 06, Retrieved 13 August Trade and other links were established with the Ethiopian empire but quarrels regarding the interpretation of a particular clause led to Ethiopian support for uprisings in Eritrea. Italian communities in St. Ethiopian commanders sought to halt the Italian advance, with some notable successes, but the Campaihn artfully played on rivalries among Ethiopian leaders.

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Our thanks to Osprey Publishing for supplying our review copy. The book has photographs of the area, as well as some of the participants and also contemporary drawings.

He spends time between Missouri, England and Spain, as well as carrying out several trips to Ethiopia for the research for this book, which included the battle field of Adowa. The colony gained in East Africa of Eritrea provoked a conflict with the Ethiopian Emperor Menelik, who was backed by his well armed and warlike people. At first the Italians had some success and by February of the colonial forces had advanced into the highlands where they were routed at the battle of Adowa, which cost them casualties.

This brought down the Italian Government and made Ethiopia a force to be reckoned with. This defeat stood as the most costly defeat of a colonial army at the hands of a non-European army for the next 25 years. There are two chapters devoted to the opposing armies which cover the characters, arms and tactics. As with all Osprey books of this type, the colour plates are described in the latter part of the book and covers the uniforms of the various combatants.

Conclusion I enjoyed this book as it is easy to read with a concise description of the Italian involvement in Ethiopia. The colour plates by Raffaele Ruggeri are very good, which will be of great interest to modellers and historians alike. Highly Recommended.


Battle of Adwa

Armies of the Adowa Campaign , Sean McLachlan The Italian Disaster in Ethiopia Men-at-Arms This book differs from most volumes I have read in the Men-at-Arms series in that a large section of the book is devoted to an account of the historical events it covers and the background to them. We start with a look at the earliest Italian involvement in East Africa, including an earlier Italian defeat at Dogali in We then move on to the events that led up to the Italian invasion of Ethiopia and the advance to Adowa. The chapter on the battle is actually the largest in the book, taking up eighteen of the forty eight pages. McLachlan looks at the reasons for the Italian defeat as well as the course of the battle, making this a useful account of this famous battle.


Armies of the Adowa Campaign 1896

Leontiev who visited Ethiopia in , [27] [28] according to some sources, led a small team of Russian advisers and volunteers. The chief of staff was Lieutenant Colonel Giacchino Valenzano. Ragni 5th Africa Infantry Battalion Maj. Giordano 6th Africa Infantry Battalion Maj. Prato 10th Africa Infantry Battalion Maj.

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