The United States saw the militant nationalist Lumumba as a communist sympathiser; CIA involvement in plans to assasinat him has been long established by senate hearings and declassified documents. He was assaulted in assaseinat presence of Belgian officers and tortured in a villa guarded by Belgian troops, before being shot by an execution squad supervised by a Belgian captain. Much is now known about this year-old mystery, but crucial information remains buried in Belgian government files, including the records of a secret Congo committee which met under the chairmanship of then prime minister, Gaston Eyskens. These people must be questioned under oath, and if that can be done there will be many more revelations. Lumumba was deposed and an unknown colonel called Joseph-Desire Mobutu took control of country, which he renamed Zaire, and remained a faithful friend of the west until his overthrow in May In his political testament, written in jail shortly before he was killed, he reflected: A university named after him was established in Moscow and became a magnet for students from the third world. His body was exhumed by a Belgian police commissioner, Gerard Soete, and dissolved in acid.

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He had the following of the masses. He was an inspiration to not only the people of the Congo, but to many around the world, particularly in Africa during this time when many countries on the continent were throwing off the yoke of imperialism. This particular case of outright murder was a combined effort with Belgium, French and American interests. De Witte does an excellent job exposing this injustice for what it was In this case they were successful.

Lumumba simply did not have enough time to prepare a solid nationalistic foundation in the Congo. Brussels thought that they would have much longer to move out of the nation, but realized that with the immense popularity of Lumumba, that they would have to move much faster, and would have to do so in a way that would place the blame on a few drunken Congolese enemies of Lumumba looking to stage a coup. It was only with the writing of this book that opinions began to change.

In fact, this book had such an impact, that the Belgian Parliament ordered an official investigation into the murders of Lumumba and his 2 aides on that fateful day in January of We have yet to see justice done in the Congo, and because of the meddling of the West, Mobutu amassed a huge personal fortune while reducing his nation and his people to poverty at the gain of the West.

Lumumba is an inspiration to revolutionaries and anti-imperialists throughout the world as he had the courage to stand up and become a martyr for his country and spit in the face of those who had no business being in his country after June 30, Conspicuously absent here was Lumumba himself. Imagine reading a book about Martin Luther King Jr. The only real sense you get of the Lumumba the man is at the very end, If you want to learn about Patrice Lumumba, the first prime minister of the newly independent Congo, who was assassinated in , as well as his struggle against Belgian colonialism and neo-colonialism, this is not the book for you.

The only real sense you get of the Lumumba the man is at the very end, when the author quotes a letter he wrote to his wife from prison. On the other hand, if you are already familiar with Lumumba as well as Congo history and politics, and you want a Pentagon Papers-like take on his assassination, this is the book for you.

Or, if you are not intimidated by diving into a subject you are unfamiliar with, this could be the book for you. Such a reader Me! The author argues that the Belgians were interfering all along to get rid of Lumumba, that indeed not only were they the puppet masters behind the curtain, they actually played a direct role in his murder.

It will not be the history taught in the United Nations, Washington, Paris or Brussels, however, but the history taught in the countries that have rid themselves of colonialism and its puppets.

Africa will write its own history, and both north and south of the Sahara it will be a history full of glory and dignity.


Haut-Katanga: aménagement du site de l’assassinat de Lumumba





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