July 3, By thepatrologist in Uncategorized 1 Comment The Italian version of Athenaze, which first appeared all the way back in , has long remained something of a mythical creature for a lot of English language students. Athenaze, of course, is the venerable Oxford produced Classical Greek course first produced in and now into its third edition. Until , when L. Miraglia and T. You can view a description of the volumes and view a generous, extended preview of the texts, on the Vivarium Novum site here: volume 1 and 2.

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Gagal Lance, you can read my thoughts on a new post inspired by your comment https: Fortunately, there are two outstanding contemporary realizations of the natural-language, or immersion, approach, though one is near fatally flawed for self-learning purposes.

Read Sheremet and Dowling. Read more Read less. Online learning Are there online sites you can use to teach yourself Latin or Greek? Grammar and Exercises Reading Greek: That confidence feels good, and allows us to be receptive to the understandable input.

If you have done a Greek course before, and want a sustained reading-based approach, you could make use of this without great difficulty. On the other exition, I thought we did ok given how long we met. In college too many decades ago, I was a classics and ancient history Ph,D. This approach is grounded in the verbal repetition of a progressively or perpetually growing repertoire of phrases and idioms. Familia Romana Latin Italiaan Paperback.

If you choose restored, you then have to decide whether to attempt pitch accents classical-era Greeks spoke with pitch accents, but that is very difficult for most English speakers or to accept the compromise of restored pronunciation but stress accents.

It makes for interesting reading. So drawing on this experience, Afhenaze would ediiton to provide some useful facts, opinions, and recommended resources for an English-speaking person trying to decide how to learn or relearn classical Latin or Greek outside the school or university system. One advantage of having these is that many of the reprinted late nineteenth and early twentieth century student editions cite them. Please try again later.

Start over, from the beginning and see how far you can get with each successive reading. For my purposes, especially since I am also brushing up on my Italian, I use the Italian edition as a fun and useful supplement, to aid my Italian as well as my Greek.

This is not a function purely of grammar. This is the Italian version of Athenaze. This is far more effective than vocabulary lists of unrelated words as a means of building your lexicon. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Introduzione al greco antico. And at the next reading read over again, going further if possible, but until you get bogged down.

Roma Aeterna provides the dual benefits of solidifying your Latin while teaching you Roman history. The chapters present related vocabulary about a given subject farming, animals, army life, the Roman calendar, etc. Not meaning to be insulting, but I believe your position on reading ancient Greek is simply naive. Please see my other listings to see the rest in the series.

The study guide gives translations of the exercises in Arhenaze and Vocabulary and keys to the exercises in Grammar and Exercises. Unfortunately, as a self-learner, I am both the teacher and the student. You follow that with guided readings, that is, selections from ancient authors generously glossed with word definitions and explanations of grammar, idioms, and context. So, you want to know about the Italian Athenaze? The point is to learn Latin and Greek as a natural and living language, not as an exercise in grammar.

Adler refers to an Latin grammar by George J. An Independent Study Guide Strictly speaking, it requires the first two volumes.


Athenaze Italiano

Some of them loathe it. Thanks for telling me how my students feel. I will take you into consideration when I choose my books next year. History has settled this question, and so it is a moot point, regardless of my feelings towards him. And you are right that, ultimately, I do not care if some of the kids loathe Shakespeare. It is not up to them. It is up to the adults in the room.


So, you want to know about the Italian Athenaze?

Personally I hated the Reading Greek books. Still means looking the words up, of course. The point is to learn Latin and Greek as a natural and living language, not as an exercise in grammar. Difficult language aside, the plot is really engaging and the iatlian love it. So, you want to know about the Italian Athenaze?



Gut What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Serious wants to be able to read quotations as well as selections from a limited number of authors, perhaps largely in bilingual editions. And no audio guidance. Cuando Filipo llama a Jantias y le dice que no apedree al pobre Argo, el esclavo responde: Either by using English where the text uses Italian, or by putting together Greek language resources for grammar and exercises probably they would require some English too, to be honest, because Greek grammar terms are a long way from being as evident as Latin ones. Dowling points out the danger in the grammar-first approach — not the inevitability, but the danger — i. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Ejercicio 4e Pon en singular y traduce las frases siguientes: I got the books from libreriauniversitaria.

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