Shelves: tamil-fiction Phew what a breath taking novel. Mostly dealing on people personality and how things get perceived from each people stands. When I read ponniyin selvan I could not appreciate the creativity of Kalki since I felt most of it to be historical facts. But on reading this book I get to know the strength of creativity of both kalki and balakumaran. The book makes me time travel and brings me the experience of having lived during the period. The novel starts with the main plot and one can very well Phew what a breath taking novel.

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Shelves: tamil-fiction , tamil-philosophy , tamil-history Udayar 3 is more technical compared to udayar 1 and 2, as civil engineering and the stategies followed to bring in things with ease gets explained here. The idea of using a bow shaped chariot for transporting big rocks and the way it is explained is quiet too good.

But if there has been some pictorial representation of the same in the book it would have been great imagining things. Though the Udayar 3 is more technical compared to udayar 1 and 2, as civil engineering and the stategies followed to bring in things with ease gets explained here.

Though the politics of different caste are explained with having some preconceived perception, we can take it the way balakumaran has written since he has not cornered one particular set of people over others. But how politics can be looked up by people in the way they want can very well be understood. Also one can understand how people around leaders try to put their interest up front and how cunning politics could be.

It also tells lot about people of tanjore at the time and also about people from different parts of chola dynasty feeling jealous about tanjore. There are also economics lessons that the story offers and if you could not imagine how a place becomes over populated, how the development starts and is taken forward then this would be good book for you. Though the book has lot of good things, but compared to first two books that talks mostly things around temple building, this goes a bit out and talks more about people.

Though this is specified as pro of the book, it also reduces the pace of the book and hence one could feel a bit boring and taking more time to finish this book compared to others. Some how history of young krishraman leading to young arulmozhivarman and panjavanmadevi, explaining how they met and how arul mozhi came to power felt like not being effectively dealt.

I felt it could have been narrated the way it was done in part 1 by sembiyan madevi. Of-course as my review of previous books history lovers should go for it and for people who are interested in knowing on politics of the past and about ancient generation this is a definite read.

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Biography[ edit ] Balakumaran was born in Pazhamarneri village near Thirukattupalli in Thanjavur district on 5 July He is married to Kamala and Santha. They have daughter Gowri and son Venkataraman aka surya. Balakumaran died at the age of 71 due to prolonged illness in a private hospital on 15 May This created a deep interest in Tamil literature which made literature his passion.


Udayar Novel Vol (1-6) | உடையார் பாலகுமாரன் நாவல் | Balakumaran



உடையார், #3 [Udayar]


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