Moreover, it focuses on feminism. However, the title Ice candy Man holds great significance. This can be interpreted and justified in two ways. The men are as sweet as candy before the partition. There exists communal harmony among the people belonging to different communities. The masseur, the gardener, the Ice Candy Man etc.

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Through her ability of innovative and pertinent written work she has tossed light on different consuming issues of her time and spoke to the minority Parsi people group at global level. The novel tosses light on the biting substances of segment through the eyes of an eight-year old debilitated young lady, Lenny.

She additionally has entry to a wide assortment of perspectives, both pre-and post-Partition, through her Ayah, a lovely lady whose suitors are ethnically and religiously various. It is Right off the bat it is the principal individual current state portrayal. Sidhwa picks Lenny, a polio-ridden, kid as the storyteller of the novel since she furnishes her with a degree for recording the occasions prompting wicked Partition riots, without purposeful publicity.

In addition, she originates from a Parsi family as is free from any religious or ethnic inclination. In Ice-Candy Man, Lenny is the story persona.

These perplexities likewise include the family unit staff. Entries portraying slaughter and murder highlight the animal in individuals. And after that there is towering inferno in Lahore. Lenny watches: The entire world is consuming. The air all over is so hot. I think my fragile living creature and garments will burst into flames. I begin shouting: madly crying—to what extent does Lahore consume?

As the story advances, everything is sifted through the cognisance of Lenny. There are no limitations on her developments and she is by all accounts getting a charge out of the considerable number of happenings around. She can go to the Parsi meeting to examine the future game-plan in the wake of Partition clashes and can likewise saunter around parks, shabby lodgings, and such different places alongside her ayah and can have admittance to the well known assessment.

This visit furnishes her with a chance to meet Raina, the kid who later turns into an apparatus in the hands of the writer to detail the occasions of cruel severity stacked on the Muslims over the outskirt by the Sikhs, therefore supplementing the record of Partition described by Lenny.

There are minutes when it is hard for the perusers to trust that a young lady like Lenny can express the words that have been put into her mouth. It has vaporised into a smooth cloud. I am relinquished in that stifling cloud. I groan and my ghoulish voice transforms me into something disgusting and scary and meriting the shocking discipline. Be that as it may, where am I? To what extent will the loathsomeness last?

Days and years with not a single end to be seen. I intuit the importance and reason for things. The mystery rhythms of creation and mortality. The quintessence of truth and magnificence. I review the stifling damnation of smooth vapours and find that paradise has a dim aroma. Lenny thinks about Gandhi: He is little, dull, wilted, and old.

He wears just the loin-fabric and his dark and thin middle is bare. Gandhi is positively in front of his circumstances. He definitely knows the upsides of abstaining from food. He has starved his way into the news and stood out as truly newsworthy everywhere throughout the world.

This chuckling, tender story, told through the eyes of blamelessness, is a demonstration of savage misfortune, and a splendid summoning of the lurking foundations of religious prejudice. In this manner we are given a two-fold—even dialogic—point of view that layers blamelessness on experience, thoughtfulness on knowledge of the past.


Ice-Candy Man

But most of the works in both the lands are male-dominated. One finds bravery, chivalry, heroism etc associated with the male protagonists only. Female is represented as a subdued and dependent being. Ice Candy Man is distinguished from most of the popular works as it focuses on female rather than on the man.


Bapsi Sidhwa


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