Summary[ edit ] Behemoth continues an alternate history story begun in Leviathan. War has been declared, although the Ottoman Empire has not yet entered. The Darwinists use technology based on genetically manipulated animals, while the Clankers use machinery. Plot[ edit ] The story starts when the crew of the Leviathan sights two German ironclads and decides to attack them, thinking that the sea ships are defenseless. Klopp and Alek are controlling the engines, with Mr.

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This series God damn, this series. I want to go sing its praises across campus, to haul people down to the library and shove copies of Leviathan into their hands, to wander the country like a modern-day Johnny Appleseed scattering lovely books wherever I go.

Okay, not so much that last one. But you get my point. But anyhow. Best of all, pretty much every action in the book makes sense, in terms of motivations. Naturally, nothing goes as planned for either party.

While I still like Deryn better than Alek, I did really appreciate some of the development he got in this book - though most of it made him look like an idiot.

We see him interacting with a girl his own age for once, and his attitude is, well, less progressive than poor Deryn might wish. Also, it throws a wrench into the romantic subplot, which is fabulous. I trust you, Westerfeld. Here, her heroic actions saving Newkirk at the beginning of the book win her a medal The way she handles command is very interesting, and the way the experience changes her is the sort of thing I love to see happening to characters.

I wish I could say more, but that would be spoilers. OH, we need to talk about the Behemoth of the title. That thing was freaking awesome. It looked like an anglerfish with tentacles and next to it the Leviathan was a toy. Ohhhhhh what a beastie. I sort of want one. He is, as reporters seem to be in fiction, rather annoying, but I liked him up until he obliquely threatened to do something that would have put our heroes in danger.

His relevance really has more to do with the hints he provides about American society in this world - a blend of Clanker and Darwinist technologies - than with what he actually does in the plot. The thing that bugged me through the book, though, was the romantic plot tumor.

Finally, the art.


Behemoth (Leviathan Series #2)

Early life Edit Westerfeld was born in Dallas, Texas. He saw his father working with planes, submarines, and the Apollo missions. Westerfeld graduated from Vassar College with a B. Westerfeld began his career writing novels for adults, but switched to YA literature with his Midnighters trilogy. While The Last Days is not a sequel to Peeps, it follows a group of different characters in the same setting. So Yesterday is not related to these novels, but is often grouped with them because it is also set in New York City. He has also written the Leviathan series, an alternate history trilogy set in World War I consisting of Leviathan , Behemoth and Goliath , plus its illustrated guide The Manual of Aeronautics.


Behemoth (novel)

Edit The novel begins with Alek teaching Deryn how to fence on the spine of the Leviathan. However, their lesson is interupted by the attack of a gyrothopter and two German ironclads , the Goeben and the Breslau. Alek and Klopp take action without orders when they discover that the Goeben carries a Tesla cannon , but, although they manage to save the Leviathan, Alek is injured when Mr. Hirst shoots him with an air gun.


Scott Westerfeld

The novel is the third and final installment in the Leviathan series after Behemoth , released on September 20, Alek destroys the inventor and his Goliath weapon under German attack in New York, triggering the entry of U. An actual living two-headed messenger eagle from the Czar heads towards the bridge, interrupting their discussion. A message lizard sends Deryn to the bridge and Newkirk to the cargo deck. Alek goes with Deryn, and there Dr Barlow tells them to take the bird to the rookery and feed it.

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