This beats the discovery of "Lucy", a 3. Matters clearly went further than that because legend asserts that King Menelik - the founder of the Ethiopian Empire - was the son of the Queen and Solomon. Axum is also home to many other extensive historical sites, including the home of the Ark of the Covenant, brought there from Jerusalem by Menelik. Missionaries from Egypt and Syria reached Ethiopia in the fourth century and introduced Christianity.

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In Harar, the visitor can enjoy the incense-flavored mysteries of narrow alleyways and towering minarets. Near it stands a smaller but nevertheless most impressive metre-high obelisk - the pride of Ethiopia. Plans are also under consideration for the re-erection of the fallen obelisk. The original building has long since disappeared but a structure erected on its site by Emperor Fasiladas in the early 17th Century is still there.

The remains are located at Dangur, near the mountain from which the obelisks were originally excavated. The settlement, which is a religious site, is named after a local Sheikh. There are many opportunities to experience Ethiopian music, song and dance, to visit museums and to see the city sights. The Monastery of Debre Damo can only be reached by rope pulley. Bahar Dar Bahar Dar is a small town set on the south - eastern shore of lake Tana, where local fishermen still use papyrus boats, and just 30 km from the spectacular Tissisat Falls.

From Bahar Dar one must explore some of the ancient monasteries that have been built around Lake Tana, or on the many Islands. These include Dek Stephanos with its priceless collections of icons, as well as the remains of several medieval emperors, Kebran Gabriel and Ura Kidane Mehret with its famous frescoes. These dramatic castles, unlike any other African, display richness in architecture that reveals the Axumite traditions as well as the influence of Arabia.

The town is also well known as a transit point for the Camel Caravans bringing salt up from the arid lands of the Danakil Depression. This makes the market palace a particular interesting place to visit. Intrepid visitors can also make excursions into the Danakil to visit some of the Afar nomads that trek across the region. Posted by.


Civic and Ethical Education in Ethiopia



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