I have gone from New York to New Jersey just to eat at this place. And that? The best thing about my order was the Snapple that I know for a fact they didn? I wouldn? If you live in Hoboken travel for fried chicken because this spot isn?

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College Park, MD The food here is awful! I do not recommend coming here. Everything contains grease, and you will feel gross after eating. I grew up in this area and have been eating at cluck u for years. This place has definitely gone downhill.

It felt like I was eating fried chips without the pickles. I told their employee that the fried pickles was no good and she said, "yeah" and gave me a smile.

Best old bay fries in the world. Also they have amazing wings. Thermo nuclear hits the spot, really spicy. Never dared to try Everything they make there is awesome. They even serve you the food if you dine in and no tip needed Very friendly and very good! I went back up to the counter while I was waiting to ask for a cup of water, and they refused! I understand if I were some random drunk guy coming in off the street, but refusing to give a paying customer a cup for ice water?!

Are you kidding me? And not only this, but I waited approximately 25 min for an order of chicken tenders. After not going back there for 5 months, I went in last night just to get an order of fries. When I asked them how long the wait would be, they told me 30 minutes! If they had a line out the door, I would understand, but the place had no line and lots of empty chairs.

Cluck U in CP has great food, but terrible customer service, and I would not recommend it These are Best Wings I have ever eaten, nice size and meaty, no skinny chicken here! And the different flavors, levels of heat just love this place.. I ordered the mozzarella sticks, fried pickles, and cheese spuds. Too salty for drunk food, even. I was looking for a chicken sandwich and decided to visit this place.

It was a bad decision. I received a mayonnaise sandwich and disappointing service. This was fine because it was my first time visiting the restaurant and I needed the time to read the menu. However when the server reached the register she just stared at me versus greeting me. Nonetheless I placed my order. I order the original cluckwich and French fries to go. When I returned to my office with the food, I discovered the sandwich was saturated in mayonnaise.

Mayonnaise had been applied in an exorbitant amount to both sides of the sandwich. The meat would slide off of the bun whenever I bit into it. Even scraping the mayonnaise off did not help.

I was highly disappointed as the sandwich was inedible. Well, I was definitely surprised and satisfied with their offerings. Their wing portions are huge. These are big individual wingettes and drums. Cluck-U has a great selection of chicken styles and dipping sauces.

As in for the brave and young at heartburn and intestinal fortitude. I tasted the hottest offering the That thing was like kissing the sun. Their portions and sides are well balanced. The cashier was SUPER nice to us, letting us taste the sauces before we ordered, throwing in free drinks, and generally explaining their menu and how things worked.

While waiting for our food, the manager came out to check on us, probably since we were the only customers, so I did appreciate that. He brought out a little cup of his personal favorite of the chicken sauces, which was really nice, and he gave us more scratch cards which you get after paying to win little prizes like free drinks, fries, etc. They found out it was our first time and seriously welcomed us.

Heck yeah! Our food came out and it was decent. Nothing to complain about or go mad raving about, just solid snacking on wings and mozzy sticks. But back to our service. The manager came back out while we were eating to ask how we were enjoying the food. We told him it was good and thanked him for being so nice to us for our first visit. It was one of those gestures where maybe if it was someone else, it would have been well-received. My boyfriend and I grabbed food from here after traveling from out of town.

We shared an order of chipotle wings, I believe. And he ordered a side of fries and I ordered a side of overpriced shrimp. The chicken was okay, but not worth it. Tasted like fast food bbq sauce. I had a fry and it was average. As for my shrimp, I wanted to call and take it back when I saw how tiny they were, but I was too tired. It was tasty but definitely not worth the extra 5 or 6 bucks. The man at the cash register was nice, but seemed bored maybe because it was a slow night.

I probably will not return. I can definitely get better tasting wings and fries at a few other places. I went pretty often because the wings are freshly made and good, but needs more variety with the sides. Lanham location has a better menu macaroni and cheese, cooked spinach, etc. All u get here is fries and honeybees. I was going to try the potato salad, but was advised against it by another customer.

So i had the original chicken sandwich. This was my first time coming to this spot and some co-workers suggested it. I didnt think you could mess up a chicken sandwich at a chicken spot, but they managed to do so. First of all, there was way more bread than chicken, i believe they literally use the chicken tenders to make them. The worst part was that all i tasted was mayonnaise. It was literally drenched in mayonnaise, i opened up the sandwich to try to take some off but they put it on both sides of the bun.

Its almost like the bun soaked up all the mayonnaise. It literally almost made me gag. I would not recommend this place to anyone based off their chicken sandwiches. Been going to this location for 20 years back with Cluck U Pac. Really makes my already fav wing place even better. Give those dudes a raise!! Also, please change the name back to Cluck U not Clucksters! Tried Cluck-U looking for a quick lunch.

Gud taste. Try Philly chicken or any other cluckwich. The small bites might sometimes be chewy. Easily accessible n good for eating in groups. I havent been to this Cluck-U in about 5ish years. Cleaner though. Didnt have the style this past time. The thermonuclear seemed a little less hot than i remember though. The variety of style is always a win at cluck-U. The wings are always pretty awesome. Maybe not the best in the world, but still good stuff. Much cleaner than it used to be. All renovated.

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