Plot After B follows the red Zs around London she discovers a group called The Angels, a group of revitilaseds who specialize in fighting the undead hordes and the mutants who control them. B gets a mentor called Dr. Dowling and the mutants is true. Story B meets Dr Oystein who asks her to join him. He tells her he knows all about zombies, the mutants, owl man and Mr.

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Becky Smith was at school the day the dead came back to life and took over the world. Her heart was torn from her chest and she became a zombie. Several months later B recovered her senses in an underground military complex. The soldiers lumped her in with the zom heads, a pack of revitalised teenagers like her who had somehow regained their minds. They were told by their captors that they had to eat brains to stay conscious, and had a life expectancy of just a couple of years.

B would probably have remained a prisoner for the rest of her days, if not for the intervention of a monstrous clown called Mr Dowling. He invaded with a team of mutants, set the zombies free and killed many of the staff.

Most of the zom heads were executed while trying to escape, but B made it out. She thought Rage might have got away as well. He was a self-serving bully who turned on his guards and proved just as clinical and merciless as they had been, casually killing one of the scientists before setting off on his own and warning his fellow zom heads not to follow him.

B roamed the streets of London for a while, mourning the loss of the normal world. It was a city of the dead, dotted with just a handful of living survivors. Some had chosen to stay, but others were trapped and desperately searching for a way out. When B heard that the army was mounting a rescue operation, she went to offer herself to them, figuring they might be able to use her DNA to help other zombies recover their minds.

But the soldiers saw her as a threat and tried to kill her. Once again the killer clown saved her. He slaughtered the humans, then asked her if she wanted to join him. B could think of nothing worse than teaming up with Mr Dowling, his creepy mutants and an eerie guy with owl-like eyes who had shown an interest in her even before the zombies attacked.

She told him to stick his offer. Wounded, bewildered and alone, B wandered across the river and staggered into an old building, County Hall, once the home of local government, now a deserted shell. At least that was what it looked like. But as B stared out of a window at the river, a man called to her by name and said he had been waiting for her.


Darren Shan

There were twelve books in total. Zom-B, released in the UK on 27 September This is officially book 6. Archibald Lox[ edit ] On 2 April , Shan announced that he had silently released three books digitally, making up the first volume of the Archibald Lox series, a few days previously. It has also been translated and released in several other countries. Inspired in part by The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and based in a brutal, fantastical world, it details the perilous quest of Jebel, the thin son of a respected executioner, to petition a fire god for invincibility, so that he can succeed his father. Shan has stated that this is his favourite out of all of the books he has written.


Zom-B Angels



Zom-B Series




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