The hero, Colin, was selfish or at least appeared to be and part of him definitely is self-absorbed, in the beginning often bordering the asshole-area. Demon Moon was not flawless, but Brook is a very talented and insightful writer. Her worldbuilding is intriguing. Not too complex in this throwing every supernatural being there is in-way, but using old folklore, mythology and her own ideas, which is exactly what I love about fantasy! Take Colin.

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Buy This Book When an author has the ability to make a reader lose herself in a story and to create characters who are so overwhelming that every word or action has a double meaning, you know you have a winner. And if the reader wants to go back and re-read the story a second time because the characters came alive and the words on the page were lyrical and beautifully written, well, that reader has been lucky enough to have read a masterpiece.

Certain scenes and conversations were confusing enough that I re-read the start of most chapters to make sure I got it. This is not a lighthearted romance; instead there is gore, very over-the-top eroticism, and monsters like those you were told of as children who could be hiding in your closet. And I loved every minute of it. He is a year-old vampire who makes no excuses for the life he now leads.

He loves blood, the sex that comes with it he even stated he has slept with over 20, woman in his long life , and the booty he has attained over the centuries. She is in no way the sort of romance novel heroine you typically encounter. Savitri is of Indian background and was raised by her beloved grandmother after the murder of her parents and brother years earlier. She speaks many different languages, is a professional hacker, and is surrounded by angels and demons, whom she calls her friends.

But her life is in constant danger since she helps the Guardians of Heaven keep Hell closed and the world of Chaos from opening up and allowing those creatures from trying to take over Earth.

At almost pages, this book has so much action and constant sexual turmoil going on that it will make your head spin.

Colin and Savitri are at odds most of the time, and simultaneously in such constant lust that Savirti may want Colin to change her to what he is. And yet he takes it all in stride. That accounts for the minus attached to my A grade. Buy Demon Moon by Meljean Brook:.

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Desert Isle Keeper



Demon Moon (Guardian Series)


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