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All rights reserved. Page 7: Surface Mount Mount on a Post wall or pilaster. They can be post mounted using a Use existing 4 holes in surface DoorKing mounting post there are several different mount cabinet box to bolt on a styles available.

Be sure keypad is securely mounted DoorKing mounting post. Page 8: Terminal Wiring 1. Page 9: Aiphone Intercom Station Connections 1.

For detailed wiring information on Aiphone products, visit their website at www. Page Secondary Keypad Wiring 1. Keep a record of the programmed codes by completing the tables on pages 24 and Page Programming Four-digit Entry Codes 2. Page Programming Five-digit Entry Codes 2.

DO NOT press first when using five-digit entry codes. When the door input is activated by the five-digit entry code, the relay will deactivate one second after this input is activated, regardless of the programmed strike time. Page Hold Boundary Programming 2. Four-digit entry codes can be programmed to operate either Relay 1 or Relay 2.

When a four-digit code is entered on the keypad preceded by , the system checks its memory to see if the code is stored. Page Hold Feature Operation 3. Any four-digit entry code that falls numerically within the hold boundaries will cause relay 1 to activate indefinitely if no four-digit divide number is programmed. Page Time Zone Operation 3. By using an external timer or switch, access can be denied to a group of four-digit entry codes during desired lockout times.

Four-digit entry codes that fall numerically within a time zone boundary will cause a check of the time zone input when the code is entered.


Doorking 1504-080 Manuals


ISO 19127 PDF

Doorking 1504-080 Keypad with Intercom SubStation with 10 Memory


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