Unusual among large contractors, MMC handles both large and small jobs. MMC has a world-class safety program, and it pays off. At MMC, quality means doing the job right the first time. Tempered glass doors are increasingly popular in both commercial and residential markets and designers often choose to fit them with double-acting hinges. While we work for governments and commercial customers, our projects have helped grow local economies and improve the quality of life for communities and people around the nation. The MMC Groups realizes the costs of accidents in terms of individual pain and suffering.

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Having a compact 63 mm track with an enclosed roller assembly, the operational system can hold even large sliding glass doors up to kg, combining superior versatility with durability and a sleek design. AGILE is available for single or double-leaf doors and can be mounted at the wall, to the ceiling but also in glass assemblies with doors and fixed glass panels.

It can be also fixed to glass walls with overpanels. Dorma Agile 50 With its discrete track rail height of just 50mm, the AGILE 50 is a sliding door system designed for lightweights up to 50 kg.

It is ideal for dividing limited spaces dressing rooms, bathrooms, working areas, hallways and it can be fixed either to a wall or to the ceiling. Dorma Arcos Universal Arcos Universal range stands out as unique and sophisticated, with its curved arc motif incorporated in each component.

The elegant fittings and the transparent glass perfectly complement each other into a harmonious whole. The Arcos range includes varied accessories such as door locks, lever handles with the same flowing design which make this line suitable for interior design.

It has a classic patch fitting system, with a floor spring spindle and bottom and top hinges, especially suitable for 10 mm thick tempered glass. Door weights can be anything up to 80 kg, with widths up to max. Dorma Beyond The unique Dorma Beyond system for glass doors is safe, functional and extremely attractive.

Its pivot point, which is located centrally in the glass axis and close to the glass edge, ensures perfect safety and security and its two slim rod hinges contribute to the modern design. Available for 10 and 12 mm thick glass, the system has two aesthetically different alternatives: either an elegant full length pivot rod or two short pivot rods, placed at the bottom and the top of the door.

The system can be used into a wide range of toughened glass assemblies and wall openings single or double doors, with adjoined sidelights or overpanels. The door rails are connected to one another at the top and bottom by hinges, and its panels are suspended at the end of the top rails.

The closed wall transforms effortlessly into a compact parked stack when required - without the need for a separate stacking track. Offset-hung panels allow stacked panels to hang entirely to one side or the other for FSW-G or centrally hung panels can be stacked taking up only half the space inside and out FSW- C.

Dorma HSW Dorma HSW is an innovative sliding glass wall system, enabling the design of open, easy-access areas or glass partitions with various purposes. When the wall system is opened, glass panels are stacked in special parking areas, thus enabling easy, full access. Every glass panel can have integrated hardware in order to be turned into a swing door, allowing easy access to the room when the glass wall system is aligned.

Sliding glass wall systems HSW are ideal for storefronts or interior partitioning, in straight or elegantly curved configurations. The beauty of the system is that is fixed to the ceiling and floor guides are not required. It can also be used for high walls up to 4 m. Dorma Moveo Dorma Moveo is the intelligent solution to change room sizes easily and flexibly without using rigid walls and enabling basic layout to be efficiently used for a multitude of functions. Operable sound-insulation partitions can be made of glass with or without automatic blinds integrated or made of wood, depending on the level of visibility or privacy that is required.

The system can be used for a wide range of applications: Conference and office spaces.


Dorma Tensor Pendeltürbänder Glas an Wand, OHNE Bodenstopper



TENSOR wall-mounted by dormakaba



Ganzglas-Türanlage | DORMA Tensor



Pendeltürbeschlag Tensor Glas-Wand, Feststellpunkt 90°, Edelstahl-Effekt


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