But there is more to Garrett. Both his nonfiction and his novels display a most rare talent. His entire oeuvre offers a sparkling vision of peace under free markets. Whereas many intellectuals on the Right and Left regard the peaceful, bourgeois society as something of a bore—with the middle class amassing wealth and spending it on fripperies—Garrett saw peace and freedom as the essential precondition for the real drama of human life that revolves around creation, association, risk, love, courage, and the full range of human experience that transform society in spectacular ways. Garet Garrett was born in Pana, Illinois. His formal education was slight but his independent study took him through all the classics, as shown by the remarkable erudition of his writings.

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Buy Now from Mises Store Here is a treasure in the history of the pro-capitalist novel. Through outstanding management sense, good pricing, excellent service, and overall business savvy, he out competes all the big names in the business, while making a fortune in the process. Garrett has a way of illustrating just what it takes to be a businessman of this sort, and how his mind alone becomes the source of a fantastic revenue stream.

But his successes breed trouble. The government conspires with envious competitors to regulate him using the Sherman Antitrust Act, calling him a monopolist who is exploiting the public. This book tells the dramatic story of his success and his fight. A recurring literary motif through the book has people asking: "Who is Henry Galt? Indeed, the book is overall very sound on the money question, showing the inflationist populist movement of the late 19th century to be a pack of fools.

Galt himself delivers some fantastic defenses of hard money and free markets, both in conversation and in front of the US Congress. She might have read it, or it might be a coincidence. In any case, the novel is brilliant and thrilling, one that provides an excellent lesson in how entrepreneurship works.


Garet Garrett

Shelves: simply-good-reads , economic-theory , economic-fiction , politics , read-in Read the Mises. Org reprint, which is said to have less reproduction problems than this reprint. Excellent book of the American Dream. Worth seeking out and reading. Jan 24, Akash rated it it was amazing They say history repeats itself in outline but the authors shows that history also repeats movements - the coxys army that the author talks about in early 20th century is no different to occupy Wall Street movement that we witnessed in early 21st century.


The Driver


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