In Solution Manager 7. Go to "system monitoring" Tab 3. Go to setup Here you can create EarlyWatch Alert to one solution or to all solution. Configuration for a single solution — option one. After you choose in one solution you need to choose the solution you want Hope you already create solution landscape In the popup EarlyWatch Alert Administration you will see the system you have in the solution. Check if the report is active You can send alert to SAP To choose the day of the week you want the report run And save.

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The corresponding data is collected from the managed systems and is used for creating a system-specific report, which contains alerts indicating critical situations and gives recommendations to improve performance and stability.

But this system-centric approach consuming the reports is not state-of-the-art any more. So SAP offers a new approach taking advantage of the fact that the SAP EarlyWatch Alert data is processed at SAP: we are offering a cloud service giving you the opportunity to see all the relevant information for all your systems at a glance. Although the SAP EarlyWatch Alert reports are the basis of the information displayed in the workspace, the app is much more than a report reader in the cloud.

It is the central landing page regarding stability, configuration, hardware utilization and performance for your whole system landscape.

And your familiar reports are still available in the app — just choose the Overall Rating card, and download the report for any system from the list by choosing Export Service Report the WORD document icon in column Download.

From the workspace, you can start different apps covering different aspects of SAP EarlyWatch Alert information, enriched and completed with machine learning. For example, you can display the history and the forecast of entries in SAP HANA tables or the development over time of the most important KPIs on system, database and application server level.

It displays help content as an overlay on top of the application. To enable Web Assistant simply click on the question mark in the upper right hand corner of the screen: At first, the context help will appear — it consists of an informational bar across the bottom of the screen the carousel and green circles around these elements that have in-app help: So the information available where you need it in the app itself and visible only when you need it after activated.

You start it from the workspace by clicking the Alerts card; for alerts and information how to react to these situations this app is the heart of the SAP EarlyWatch Alert cloud apps. For every place of finding the affected systems are displayed; choose the system to see the complete corresponding paragraph of the SAP EarlyWatch Alert report.

The search results are divided into Alerts, Recommendations and Descriptions for the systems in your landscape. Descriptions are sections of the reports containing additional information not marked as alerts and recommendations. All three result types are important, and depending on the search term, you may find the relevant reference under another tab. In this context you are invited to have a look at the guided tour Search in Reports. Guided tours another part of the Web Assistant infrastructure provide step-by-step contextual guidance to help you complete your process tasks.

In it, you will search the reports for a keyword, and you will make sure that the app finds all references to the term — regardless of the context or the system in which that term occurs. Instead, the apps give you an global overview about the most important issues in your system landscape.

The SAP EarlyWatch Solution Finder is your personal assistant for the SAP EarlyWatch reports of all your managed systems — if it is anywhere in these reports, he will find it and guide you to the right report of the right system.


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