Gakus View all 3 comments. I did NOT like him. He is not so mysterious anymore. If you like these kind of novels — read Entangled. Just the nonplussed reaction by either of them to this fact is one of many baffling character decisions in this book.

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This book was not funny, not engaging, and ultimately did not improve as the story went on. Hopefully I can explain in more objective terms what went wrong in my full review. Personal quirk, sure, but I regret nothing.

Third, the premise of having a young woman die mysteriously and end up stuck in the body of her twin, with that twin possibly having something to do with the situation is really I was all ready to jump into all the intrigue that this had to offer. For all its promises, "Entangled" was a complete and utter, even quite offensive, mess. Oh no, no, no. Details matter. No matter their size or scope, details can provide a level of intimacy to a story that gives it more meaning in the experience of those that are reading it.

Details are important in establishing character, place, attitudes, events, cultures, so many different elements that make a story well rounded. Again, details matter.

Some of you are probably thinking "Are you serious, where is all this?! So where do I begin? I was able to swallow the banter between Graylee and Charlene, but truth be told, I never really came to know who these girls were, and they irritated me more often than not. I started raging a bit inside when Raj came into the picture, because for all intents and purposes, Raj is a jerk.

I did NOT like him. He starts insta-crushing on Graylee by the third chapter and this comes after she liked to have choked him with a shoelace after sneaking into his car, payback for humiliating her. Why do all these YA paranormal romance LIs have to be jerks? Both are separated. Kaj has a pranic healing ability that was taught to him by his mother, which is kind of touched upon here, but never delved into.

So it was an opportunity to worldbuild wasted, to be frank. He liked America. And he had no desire to become some spiritual woo-woo witch doctor who most likely meditated eight hours a day. Sense this does not make. Those were just a few examples of the depictions of POCs in this work that bothered me, though there were more than a few that were awkward in portrayal and wording that just came across as awkward and quick to assumption. That distracted me in several notes as far as the narrative was concerned.

Other issues in the execution of the story include the employment of humor, which, for the most part in this book - falls completely flat. I think for the most part, it came across like the humor was too forced and awkward for the setting. By following the familiar and neglecting key pieces of the narrative, it not only misrepresents what the author chooses to showcase, it also sells the overarching story short.

No stakes whatsoever. In the meantime, Raj and Graylee team up to try to bring Graylee back to some kind of form, and end up falling in love. Mostly their sentiments were told rather than shown, although the physical dimensions of their intimacy were described in detail. I did try to care for some of the secondary characters i. I also purchased a copy of this from Amazon.





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