No really. Change your life and make it happen. This is the kind of book you pick up from the Library as you can read it quickly and get everything you need from it in one sitting. But this book is not good. Full of pseudo-science nonsense. If you are going to try green smoothies then for equipment all you need is a regular blender - not the very expensive version the author tries to sell you by directing you to her website.

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They eliminated many chronic diseases from their lives when they went all raw They eliminated many chronic diseases from their lives when they went all raw 15 years ago. She undertook to study the diet of primates, since humans share Of course, what she found is that they eat copiously of greens, a wide variety of them.

Boutenko asks the reader to undertake an experiment: to chew a mouthful of greens, and spit it out right before swallowing. This is because over several generations of eating increasingly more refined foods, the human body has adapted by developing ever-narrower palates.

We no longer chew food to the extent that we need to to extract nutrition from denser foods like raw green vegetables, like primates with wide palates do. Best of all, in addition to the superior nutrition of dark leafy greens, Boutenko points out that kale fiber, for instance, can remove many times its own weight in toxins from the body. She undertook to study a group of 30 people ranging from the morbidly obese in wheelchairs to people who already ate a fairly healthful diet: every one of the 30 reported excellent improvements in health, some of them very dramatic.

Many said they just wished they had more than a quart a day! Victoria Boutenko is an author, teacher, inventor, researcher, artist and mother of three. Victoria sought out alternative health paths and discovered the raw food lifestyle which enabled the family to gain vibrant health. Now Victoria Boutenko travels all over the world sharing her inspiring story and teaching classes on the raw-food diet.

Based on the latest scientific research, Victoria explains the numerous benefits of choosing a diet of fresh rather than cooked foods and the importance of consuming large amounts of leafy greens. You May Also Like.


Green for Life



Green for Life von Victoria Boutenko (2014, Taschenbuch)


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