Ocorre pelo aumento da secreo do hormnio LH. F a c u l d a d e E v a n g l i c a d o P a r a n Corpo lteo Parte central: tecido conjuntivo do estroma e restos sanguneos. Parte perifrica: clulas paralutenicas, que provm da teca interna. Corpo Lteo estral ou menstrual: quando no ocorre a fecundao. Corpo albicans ou cicatriz: tecido conjuntivo denso que substitui o corpo lteo quando o mesmo regride.

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Mubei Mapa Mental Aparelho Reprodutor Feminino Also, the degenerative stage VI has been described 5, Ovaryoviductsseminal receptacle and tubular accessory glands obtained by dissection of non-fed and fed, unmated and mated females are shown in Figures 34 and 5.

Estudio morfologico y taxonomico de los Ampullaridos de la Republica Argentina. Symposium on reproduction of arthropods of medical and veterinary importance. Vitellogenesis in the tick Amblyomma triste Koch, Acari: The ovary is composed by a layer of small epithelial cells with rounded nuclei surrounding the lumen, and oocytes in different developmental stages: Anatomically, the testis is better evidentiated than the ovary.

The lobular accessory gland is also shown in Fig 12 ; it is an enlargement of the vestibular vaginal epithelium which produces a secretion for the initial waterproofing layer for the eggs and also it is the most likely source of the genital sex pheromone 4, The minimum hisologia required after the copula is performed is seven days.

Morphological description of the ovary and of vitellogenesis. New histochemical and morphological findings in the female genital tract of Boophilus microplus Acari, Ixodidae: How to cite this article. Feldman-Musham B, Borut S. Central structures of female genital system Oviducts: Pedicel cells holding oocytes Histoologia and II stages are cylindric with large elliptic nuclei occupying most of the cytoplasm, there are numerous round mitochondria as well as rough endoplasmic reticulum, instead, pedicel cells attaching oocytes IV and V show signs of degeneration Mating strategies and spermiogenesis in ixodid ticks.

The quality and resolution of images are remarkable because of the improvement by authors of a histological technique specially for arthropods and for the employ of feninino original procedure for feminine tract dissection that makes it easier and saves time avoiding technical complications. Sistema Reprodutor Feminino The structure of female genital system in Ixodidae consists of a single U-shaped tubular ovary in the posterior region of the body, paired and folded oviducts are in both extremes of the ovary joint into a common oviduct or uterus.

In their lumens we could notice masses of cells that will originate spermatozoids. Ixodidae and its potential significance for fertilization. Histological and dissection Techniques: As all schemes, it is a generalization from a number of individuals; reader ought to keep in mind that variations in each item from different specimens are actually a very frequent fact.

The wax coat waterproofs the eggs and causes them to stick together 17 forming huge masses that also contribute to retard desiccation. Transversal sections of vestibular vagina appear in Fig. Anatomical and histological changes in internal organs of adult Tripodendron lineatum ; Gnathotrichus retusus and G.

Histologic technic and practical histochemistry methods. Hisstologia cub Cienc agric. It is a paired structure formed by globular or finger like sacs sometimes called horns and glandular tissue. A detail study of mating and sexual tick behavior could be read in Kiszewski et al. Different authors 1,2,3,4 have made a full description of this organ. Functional analysis of metabolic and imnune proteins in the tick Ixodes ricinus by RNA interference. Morphological characterization of the ovary and oocytes vitellogenesis of the tick Rhipicephalus sanguineus Latreille, Acari: Regionalization of oviducts in Boophilus microplus Canestrini, Acari: The male takes the ectospermatophore with its chelicerae by the neck of the sac and introduces it into the female genital pore Cells very similar to the epithelial ones form the pedicels.

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