By including federal and state regulations, standards, frameworks, and incorporating a risk-based approach, the HITRUST CSF helps organizations address these challenges through a comprehensive and flexible framework of prescriptive and scalable security and privacy controls. The HITRUST CSF: Includes, harmonizes, and cross-references existing, globally recognized standards, regulations, and business requirements, including ISO, EU GDPR, NIST, and PCI; Scales controls according to type, size, and complexity of an organization; Provides prescriptive requirements to ensure clarity; Follows a risk-based approach offering multiple levels of implementation requirements determined by specific risk thresholds; Allows for the adoption of alternate controls, when necessary; Evolves according to user input and changing conditions in the standards and regulatory environment on an annual basis; and Provides a unified approach for managing data protection compliance. MyCSF is a secure, web-based solution for performing assessments, managing remediation activities, and reporting and tracking compliance. Additionally, any federal, state, or local agency or department may be considered a qualified organization. Compliance and Assessments.

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But what exactly are the basics of the CSF program, and what can facilities to do ensure that they are using CSF to the fullest? What is CSF? CSF is a single security framework that healthcare organizations use to address security challenges in the industry.

The framework includes federal and state regulations, standards, and frameworks. Moreover, CSF assists healthcare organizations with a framework of prescriptive and scalable security controls.

The controls can also be adjusted depending on the size, complexity and type of organization. Learning from CSF While the early adopters of CSF tended to be larger, more sophisticated healthcare organizations, Frederick explained that the trend has started to go downward.

Essentially, more small-to-medium-sized facilities are looking to adopt the framework — which is a good thing. The questionnaire is pretty in depth. Many are shocked, but it just requires organizations to plan accordingly, Frederick said. A compliance based framework is basically looking at how well an organization hits the mark against a type of regulatory requirement, he said. According to Frederick, it should be engrained into the very fabric of your IT operations when it comes to cyber risk.

That shows that something is possible. At that point it should be on your radar. All employees play a role Another discussion brought up during the webinar was how CSF will adapt over time to suit the needs of healthcare organizations and keep pace with evolving regulatory changes. According to Frederick, HITRUST aims to put out a major release of the framework every year, along with an interim release toward the middle of the year. HITRUST monitors the regulatory landscape and ensures that it has the latest version of its mapped regulations, the framework is updated and supports the latest regulations.

Feedback is key. As with any strategic initiative, senior support is key, Frederick said. However, everybody has a role to play. However, all employees need to be alert and diligent in order for the organization to successfully implement a strong risk management strategy and ensure that data remains secure.


Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST) Common Security Framework (CSF)

In the event of a conflict between one of the Agreements and this License Agreement, this License Agreement shall control. The Licensee shall maintain a list of all current and past Authorized Users at all times. Authorized Users may include both employees of the Licensee or its Affiliates and their agents. Grant of License. Licensee agrees that it shall not use, or attempt to use, the HITRUST CSF for any other purpose, including but not limited to any external disclosure or use with any Licensee customers, vendors or partners. License Fee.


Understanding and Leveraging the CSF

You can follow step-by-step guidance to know how to implement and maintain data protection controls that help you meet healthcare compliance obligations. You can download a copy of letter of certification for Azure and Office What are the in-scope services for Office ? Note Microsoft Apps for enterprise enables access to various cloud services, such as Roaming Settings, Licensing, and OneDrive consumer cloud storage, and may enable access to additional cloud services in the future. OneDrive consumer cloud storage does not, and other cloud services that are accessible through Microsoft Apps for enterprise and that Microsoft may offer in the future also may not, support these standards.


HITRUST Common Security Framework: Tips for Healthcare Facilities



HITRUST CSF® v9.3 License Agreement


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