Hormonal imbalance Weight gain In addition, many health professionals argue that dieters will not get enough nutrients when following an intermittent fasting plan like the Warrior Diet. However, as long as healthy, nutrient-dense foods are chosen and calorie needs are met, nutrient needs can be covered by carefully planning your food choices when following the Warrior Diet. Summary The Warrior Diet is inappropriate for many people, can be hard to stick to and may lead to negative side effects such as fatigue, insomnia and hormonal imbalance. During the four-hour overeating period, eat a salad with oil and vinegar dressing, followed by one large or multiple meals of plant proteins beans , wheat-free whole grains, small amounts of cheese and cooked vegetables. Coffee , tea, water and small amounts of milk can be consumed throughout the day.

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Definition The Warrior diet is perhaps better described as a total exercise, nutrition, and fitness program; a diet regimen is only one part of the program.

He was health editor of Penthouse from to Hofmekler created the Warrior diet on the basis of his own experiences in the Israeli army and his own theories about how such warriors in ancient history as the Roman legionaries ate and trained.

It really started when I was in the Israeli Special Forces. I found out that some of my friends and I were doing much better when we reduced the eating during the day, or active time, and ate during the time when we knew that we could rest.

I realized that when I ate the traditional 6 to 7 army meals plus snacks, I got more exhausted than ever. I suffered from energy crashes and my brain was not as focused and alert as I wanted it to be. I felt a tremendous difference when I reduced drastically the amount of food I consumed during the day.

Later when I went on to university and started my career as an artist, I realized that when I minimize eating during the day and have one main meal, I feel much more creative; much more alert.

After doing some research, I found out that other warriors of the past used to live like this and that is where I really got intrigued. According to his art website, he graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem after his army service and has received study grants from the Israel Museum and the American Israel Foundation. Description Nutrition Hofmekler bases his concept of a daily cycle of undereating and overeating on what he calls instinct rather than control.

Just about every diet you can think of is about control. This [Warrior] diet is based on the assumption that your body has the instinct, like any other instinct, to control itself and to manipulate it very well. Estrogens—A group of natural steroids, produced by the ovaries in women, testes in men, and fat tissue in both sexes, that stimulate the development of female secondary sex characteristics and promote the development of the female reproductive system.

Flavonoids—Oxygen-containing aromatic compounds that include many common plant pigments. Nutriceutical also spelled nutraceutical —Any substance that is a food or a part of a food and provides medical or health benefits, including the prevention and treatment of disease.

Nutriceuticals include dietary supplements and meal substitutes like those recommended by the Warrior diet a well as fortified foods and functional foods. Paleolithic—The scientific term for the Stone Age, the period of human evolution when people first began to use stone tools. The Warrior diet is based on the assumption that modern humans have the same biologically programmed instincts as people in the late Paleolithic period, roughly 40, to 10, years ago. Parasympathetic nervous system PSNS —The part of the autonomic nervous system that stimulates the secretion of saliva, speeds up peristalsis, and increases the flow of blood to the stomach and intestines.

Sympathetic nervous system—The part of the auto-nomic nervous system that speeds up heart rate, increases lung capacity, increases the flow of blood to skeletal muscles, and diverts blood flow from the digestive tract. Thrifty gene hypothesis—A hypothesis proposed in by James Neel, a geneticist, to explain the epidemic of obesity in the modern world.

The abundance of food in the modern world means that people with these genes are predisposed to obesity and other disorders related to overeating. The thrifty gene hypothesis has, however, been largely discarded in recent years.

Evolution supplies the reason why people should have their daily physical workout during the undereating period, which is supposed to begin about 4 hours after the nightly main meal has been consumed. Some ancient cultures such as the Greeks and Romans used to train their children to go through hunger.

It was something that they felt it was important to be able to handle. Even when I was in the army, I was told that I need to learn how to handle hunger. It is critical for your body to feel hungry at least once a day from both a physical, emotional, and mental standpoint. Thus, people would go through long periods without eating and maybe have small meals of fruit and veggies during the day. Then they would have a big cooked meal in the evening, which was usually a social occasion.

They ate as much as they wanted from all the food groups and stayed in great shape. That is what happened and that was the warrior way. Hofmekler believes that people do not need to count calories for their nighttime meal; rather, their instincts will tell them how much to eat. The Warrior diet is based on instinctual principles in which one does not have to check exact times, or for that matter, count calories or restrict macronutrients. With the Warrior diet, every day has a happy ending.

Eat only organic foods, because ordinary supermarket produce and dairy products contain estrogens. Drink only filtered water, and use only filtered water in cooking. Minimize the consumption of foods that are wrapped or bottled in plastic containers, particularly soft plastics. Do not store food in plastic containers at home. Eat carbohydrates last during the evening meal in order to stabilize the level of insulin in the blood. Exercise Hofmekler considers exercise an important part of fat burning during the undereating part of the daily cycle.

He recommends whole-body workouts squats, chin-ups, high jumps, frog jumps, kicks, sprints, and presses rather than exercises aimed at only one part of the body, such as the abdomen or upper arms. Based on his notion that Roman soldiers had to carry 40 to 60 pounds of arms and equipment on the back and shoulders while marching 30 to 40 miles a day, he maintains that exercise should focus on building strong joints and a strong back.

He also thinks that workouts should be short and intense, no longer than 20 to 45 minutes. Basically, CFT means that the person continues to exercise when they already feel fatigued, using workout sets that mimic the fight-or-flight responses that prehistoric people needed when they had to hunt or fight while they were hungry. Hofmekler maintains that humans have inherited so-called thrifty genes from their Stone Age ancestors that make them better able to survive under conditions of biological stress, and that CFT activates those genes.

Estrogen inhibitors Training programs and certification Since Hofmekler has begun to offer certification programs in the Warrior diet itself and in CFT training. One seminar offered is five days in length but the website gives no details of the course contents or qualifications needed for certification. Function The function of the Warrior diet is not weight loss per se, but rather improving fitness through eating patterns supposed to reduce fat, boost the immune system, stimulate the synthesis of muscle tissue, and slow down the aging process, combined with an exercise regimen focused on power and endurance.

In terms of bodybuilding, Hofmekler has stated repeatedly that the goal of his diet is to make the body leaner, not necessarily more muscular. It is meant to get you in much better shape. You do not want to have quads that get in the way of running or impede fighting ability. Running is the first line of defense and should not be impeded by your thighs chaffing. Also keep in mind that women are more attracted to the lean and athletic build rather than the behemoth bodybuilding physique.

It is also possible that the exercise regimen recommended by Hofmekler might help some dieters adapt more effectively to the high stress level of modern life by becoming more physically active. The Warrior diet might conceivably be useful to committed bodybuilders. Precautions Although it is always a good idea for people to consult a physician and a nutritionist before starting a diet, particularly if they are pregnant or nursing, below the age of 18, or have more than 30 pounds of weight to lose, consultation with a health professional is particularly important before beginning a diet that has such an unusual pattern of food intake as the Warrior diet.

A common observation among people who have tried this diet is that the meal schedule works only for people who either live alone or share housing with other people using the Warrior diet. Risks Vigorous exercise during a period of minimal food intake may not be sustainable for some people. In addition, the specific exercises recommended by Hofmekler would be too strenuous for people who are not already used to some form of athletic activity. Another risk is that those who may need to lose weight will not see any weight reduction on this diet.

Since the Warrior diet emphasizes freedom from calorie counting and portion size, some people might well continue to consume more calories during the one evening meal than they can burn off during the under-eating part of the daily cycle.

One risk mentioned by some people who have tried this diet is its potentially high cost. The protein powders, dietary supplements, Warrior bars, and other products sold online through the Warrior diet and Defense Nutrition websites are expensive. Do you know anyone who has tried this diet who is not a bodybuilder? If so, did they stay on this diet? Do you think this diet could pose risks to health for some people?

Would it be safe for anyone with an eating disorder? Research and general acceptance The Warrior diet is controversial even among the bodybuilding community.

With regard to research, there are no clinical studies of this diet reported in mainstream medical journals as of The idea is very simple. Several people who purchased The Warrior Diet noted not only that the paper and binding are not the best, but also that some paragraphs are printed twice.

When is the last time that you read a diet book that was made for men and got you excited? Second, most people who die during a famine die of disease rather than starvation, thus there would be little difference in mortality between lean and obese persons. Third, famines are a relatively recent phenomenon and occur only once every — years; thus most human populations would have experienced at most only famines during their evolutionary history.

Last, the increase in mortality during a famine rarely exceeds 10 percent. In short, famines do not provide enough of a selective advantage for a single thrifty gene to be widespread among modern humans. Hofmeckler, Ori, with Diana Holtzberg. Scales, Mary Josephine. Clifton, VA: Apex Publishers, Damcott, C. Sack, and A. Hofmekler, Ori. Masoro, E. Speakman, J. The Warrior Workout, Part One. Running time: 54 minutes. Hofmelker, Ori. The Warrior Workout, Part Two.

Mahler, Mike. Box , Woodland Hills, CA Telephone: Dragon Door Publications. Box , St. Paul, MN Warrior Diet. Rebecca J.


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Das stimmt. Wenn ich immer rechts der Wand entlang laufe, komme ich irgendwann zum Ausgang. Aber warum soll ich Zeit mit Umwegen verschwenden, wenn es direkte Wege gibt? Wie du in diesem Artikel sehen wirst, funktioniert die konventionelle Methode aus einem ganz simplen Grund.


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