Mikat Install components and cables removed previously. Power down the system. Sometimes, a drive that has previously been failed by Restore data from the backup. Arary a logical drive configuration. You might be able to enable a recently failed drive temporarily by cycling the server power.

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For more information, see "Enabling the controller on page 6. Page 12 2. Confirm the boot device in RBSU. Insert the operating system DVD. Confirm that the hard drive or logical volume on the boot device is configured and present. Boot the server. Do one of the following: IMPORTANT: When you install the operating system from an optical device on a server that supports the Bi controller, you are prompted early in the installation process for the optical device driver. You must install the driver for the installation to continue.

Insert the USB drive containing the driver, and then click Browse. Follow the prompts for installation. When Where do you want to install Windows? Page 14 If the drive or logical volume is not available, select Load Driver. Then, insert the USB drive containing the driver and follow the prompts for installation.

Continue installing the operating system as normal. Enable the controller "Enabling the controller" on page 6 , if necessary.

Reboot the server. Press the Tab key. Enter linux dd. Page 16 7. The following screen appears. If the correct controller appears on the list, the driver has been installed correctly. After confirming that the driver is installed, remove the USB device. Select Back, and then press Enter. Proceed with operating system installation as normal.

Page 18 a. Log in to ESX system console as root. Enter esxupdate -b --nodeps --nosigcheck --maintenancemode update. Example: esxupdate —b vmware-esx-drivers-scsi-hpvsa Installing the device driver as an update ESXi 5. On ESXi 5. Page 20 CAUTION: Sometimes, a drive that has previously been failed by the controller may seem to be operational after the system is power-cycled or for a hot-pluggable drive after the drive has been removed and reinserted.

However, continued use of such marginal drives may eventually result in data loss. Replace the marginal drive as soon as possible. However, it may be possible to recover the data. For more information, see "Recovering from compromised fault tolerance on page If this failure occurs, the operating system rejects all requests and indicates unrecoverable errors.

When a physical drive fails, data that was on the failed drive can be calculated from the remaining parity data and user data on the other drives in the array.

This recovered data is usually written to an online spare in a process called a rebuild. Page 24 Verify that the replacement drive is of the correct capacity and is a supported model.

If these factors are not the cause of the problem, use a different drive as the replacement. Case 3: Another drive in the array has failed. A drive that has recently failed can sometimes be made temporarily operational again by cycling the server power. Power down the server. Remove the replacement physical drive the one undergoing a rebuild , and reinstall the drive that it is replacing.

This number depends on the controller model and on the controller firmware version.


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