Proof of address on file Listed on SA-Venues. The comfortable units are just a short walk away from the famous Ramsgate Waffle House, sleeps 23 guests. Self Catering Accommodation House: The house has a spacious flow over three levels and contains two bedrooms with double beds and en-suite bathrooms toilet, basin and shower-in-bath. Furthermore there are two large bedrooms with respectively six and four single beds sharing a full bathroom bath, shower, basin and a separate toilet. All the bedrooms are equipped with floor-to-ceiling built-in cupboards and large windows to enjoy the fresh sea breeze and those beautiful KwaZulu Natal South Coast views. The living area is open plan and includes a fully equipped kitchen with pantry, two fridges, all basic kitchen appliances, cutlery, crockery and glasses enough to feed an army.

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Smoking is bad for your health - this is a warning that you might see wherever you see cigarettes or read about them. You might even hear about the damage it does to your teeth, nails and skin did you know that smoking might even make acne worse?!

Hookah smoking or E-cigarette smoking aka Vaping. These types of smoking might look a little cooler and a little less harmful, but there are actually dangers behind smoking both of these as well. Here are the effects of each choma. Hubbly Bubbly Hubbly Bubbly, or hookah smoking, has become very popular. In fact, most people inhale more smoke when smoking a hubbly than they would smoking regular cigarettes.

Myth 2: Hubbly is not addictive Shisha or sheesha tobacco the mix used in hubbly is still tobacco choma! It contains all the cancer-causing chemicals found in cigarettes; including nicotine which is addictive , tar and other harmful chemicals. So just like with any other tobacco product, smoking hubbly often is likely to lead to addiction.

Myth 3: Smoke from Hubbly has fewer toxins The charcoal burned, often produces its own toxins that include high levels of carbon monoxide a toxic gas.

This toxic gas may cause heart and lung disease. You might think that because the smoke is being filtered by water that all the harmful toxins are being filtered out, but the water does not filter out the cancer-causing chemicals. There are many cancer-causing chemicals associated with smoking hubbly. Many of the chemicals released when smoking hubbly also affect those who are nearby, even if they are not smoking. To find out more about the dangers of smoking hookah, read this article here choma.

But in reality, there is more harm to smoking cigarettes than you might realise. Here are some myths about e-cigarettes: Myth 1: Vapour from e-cigarettes is pure E-cigarettes may not contain all of the harmful chemicals that are produced when you smoke a cigarette, but they do contain many.

Importantly, e-cigarettes still contains nicotine, which is the chemical associated with the most severe effects of smoking. Some studies have also shown that e-cigarettes release other harmful chemicals while you smoke them, not found in cigarettes.

Myth 2: E-cigarettes are safe You are inhaling toxic chemicals when you smoke an e-cigarette. Liquid nicotine is also highly poisonous if it comes into direct contact with your body, swallowing it by accident is often fatal.

There have been cases where people have accidentally swallowed the liquid nicotine. Overfilling the cartridge, not holding an e-cigarette properly or inhaling too hard are all things that can cause the e-liquid to leak, leading to you accidentally getting e-liquid in your mouth.

As a bystander, you can still be exposed to nicotine and other toxins. Although the exposure from e-cigarette vapour is less than regular cigarettes, it is still harmful choma. This particular myth is a huge problem because those who smoke it often do so in places where smoking cigarettes is prohibited.

To find out more about the dangers of smoking e-cigarettes, read this article here choma. Neither e-cigarettes nor hubbly are really a good alternative to regular cigarettes. The best thing to do is to not smoke at all. If you are a smoker try quitting altogether.

Remember, always put your health before any trend. For tips on how to quit smoking cigarettes read this article choma. Did you find this article helpful?


Hubbly Bubbly

The intricate work on a Malabar Hookah. Gaddi village men with hookah, on mountain path near Dharamshala , India. The concept of hookah is thought to have originated in medieval India. The use of hookahs from ancient times in India was not only a custom, but a matter of prestige. Rich and landed classes would smoke hookahs. Tobacco is smoked in hookahs in many villages as per traditional customs. Smoking tobacco-molasses is now becoming popular among the youth in India.


Cigarettes vs E-cigarettes & Hubbly: Which is worse?


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