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The unique presentation of molecular genetics early in the book Chapter 4 allows the authors to apply molecular ideas in subsequent chapters. Clear and friendly writing continues as a hallmark of these authors. Intended for readers interested in learning the basics of human biology. There was only one result with the right cover. So, naturally, I ordered it. I should have paid more attention, sure. That is, indeed, all this is. If, unlike most college students, you have money to spend on a study guide that is not required of you for a class, buy it.

It will only be really useful if you also have extra time to do the extra homework found in the study guide, but maybe you want every waking moment to be filled with Biology homework. The cover on this being the exact same cover as the actual thing makes things confusing and frustrating. So does having to search for the ISBN in order to find what a few people who buy this actually want.

I can not afford an extra book. There were not any highlighter marks throughout it either. It was as if I was the first person to use it. Poor condition By Megan Mcclintock on Sep 05, The book was suppose to be in good condition and not only did I pay to have it shipped over night or within 2 days and I did get it on estimated time. The book was in absolute run down condition. The covers were all torn and peeling apart a few pages ripped and rough edged. The book was very very used. Not in good condition like stated.

Awesome Human Biology Book! My professor chose the right book for her students! It shipped on time and is in good condition. I recommend this to any student who wants reasonable priced books College Text Book By September Willow on Apr 06, My son needed this book for a college class. The price was very reasonable compared to book store prices.

Very Happy. Unfortunatley, not only did this book have markings on the top of the book, but it also had markings inside.. Part of the spine of the book was also taped back on. I thought I bought it new By Darlene on Oct 01, I thought I ordered it new. No writing on book and transaction was quick n easy By Samantha Belina on Nov 16, This was a very useful study tool along with the text book- if you have the book for class, and do not need to workbook, I would still recommend getting it to help you study!

My college Human Bio Professor told us not to waste our money on the college human bio book By Christi on Mar 25, My college Human Bio Professor told us not to waste our money on the college human bio book because all the info we would cover would be in literally any human bio text book. So I bought this one.

Its pretty good. It scratches the surface of all the topics you need to learn about. Overall, worth reading. No complaints. By Phung Tat on Sep 26, Item as describe.

I am enjoying the style of how this is written, as it gives modern-day applications and how they apply to biological factors. This particular edition is in a Paperback format. It was published by Benjamin Cummings and has a total of pages in the book. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here. Similar Books.



Surviving the Ironman Molecular Genetics is humaan early in the text, allowing the authors to tie biollgy genetics concepts to homeostasis throughout the remainder of the book. About the Author s Colleen Belk and Virginia Borden have been colleagues and collaborators for more than 13 years. Share a link to All Resources. Human Biology is a new textbook for non-science students and, in some cases, students preparing for anatomy and physiology courses. Human Biology by Colleen Belk, Virginia Borden Maier The work is protected by local and international copyright laws and is provided solely for the use of instructors in teaching their courses and assessing student learning. Clearly written with many effective metaphors, this text makes it easy for students to grasp important scientific concepts. They have taught both majors and non-majors Biology courses at the University of Minnesota Duluth and brought the innovations in teaching and learning used in this book to both types of classes.


Human Biology

Cell Structure and Metabolism: The Process of Science is presented in the opening chapter and is integrated throughout the text as a means to show students how scientific thinking can apply to their lives. You have selected a title that is subject to further approval. Drink to Your Health? Sex Differences in Athleticism 7. Critical thinking is emphasized repeatedly through questions, vignettes, and end- of-chapter problems. Colleen Belk and Virginia Borden have been colleagues and collaborators for more than 13 years. Explore our range of textbook content across the disciplines and see how you can create your own textbook or eBook.

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