The lack of an instruction or false information given to customer shall constitute grounds to apply for a complaint because of nonconformity of goods with the contract. In accordance with the law, a customer can receive an instruction in non-paper form; lately graphic and electronic forms of the manuals, as well as instructional videos have been majorly used. A necessary precondition for this is the unmistakable, legible character of an instruction. What is an instruction? Therefore, in an instruction of Canon IP one could find a process description.

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For information on product specific ations, please visit our website at www. Copyright This manual is copyrighted by Canon U. Under the copyright laws, this manual may not be reproduced in an y form, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of Canon U. Disclaimer Canon U.

If the p ower plug is remov Note z At purcha se, the printer is set to feed from the Rear T ray. If you are p rinting without Refer to th e instruction manual supplied with the paper for detailed information on the printable side and notes on handling paper.

For information on th e paper sizes av ailable for each Canon genuine paper , In such cases, reduce the sheet s of paper you load at a time to around half around 0. Here are some hints for handling these paper sources according to how you are using them. Y ou can print more efficiently by selecting Front for Plain Paper , since the paper source will be switched automatically to the Front Tray for Canon IP - page 13 9 Before Using the Printer z Choosing the paper source to ma tch the location of the printer Y ou can choose to use only either the Rear Tray or Front T ray according to the location of the printer.

For example, if you intend to install the printer in a small place, such a s on a shelf with minimal space, you can use just the Front Tr ay for print Set it to the right when printing on envelopes or T - shirt transfers, and left when printing on an Y ou cannot load any other paper in the Front Tray.

Up to 10 envelopes can be loaded at once. Printing with Windows 1 T urn on the printer and load the paper in the printer. The device turns on automatically.

If you When operating the device, be sure to follow the instruct ions giv en in the instruction manual of your PictBridge compliant devi ce. Canon IP - page 27 23 Routine Main tenance Routine Maintenance Replacing an Ink T ank This section explains the way to confirm the in k status and the procedure to replace ink tanks. When pr A Confirm whether any sy mbols are displayed here. Ink is low. Y ou can continue printing for a while, but we recommend you to have a new ink tank available.

Ink may ha The Print Head Holder moves to the center. Discard the cap once it is removed. Important M Make sure the position of the tank matches the label A.

Import ant The printer canno This takes a few Canon IP - page 33 29 Routine Main tenance When Printing Becomes Fain t or Colors Are Incorrect When printing becomes faint or colors are incorrect even if ink r emains in the ink tanks, the print head nozzles are probably clogged.

Print the nozzle c heck pattern to confirm the condition of the nozzles and then perform Print Head Cleaning. If print results are not sa Canon IP - page 34 30 Routine Maintenance Printing the Nozzle Check Pattern Print the nozzle check pattern to determine whether the ink ejects properly from the print head nozzles. Set the Paper Set the Paper Thickness Lever to the left.

Example: When lines are missing 2 If these patterns have whi Cleaning unclogs the nozzle s and restores the print head condition.

Note that cleaning the Print Head causes used ink to be absorbed in t he ink absor ber. Cleaning the Pr int Head consumes ink, so The nozzle check pattern is printed. Do not perform any other operations until t he nozzle check pattern finishes printing. Note that cl eaning the Print Head causes used ink to be absorbed in the ink absorber.

Canon IP - page 42 38 Routine Maintenance Aligning the Print Head If ruled lines are printed misaligned or print result s are otherwise unsatisfactory , adjust the print head position. For details on the Paper The dialog for entering a print head alignment value is displayed. A Less noticeable vertical Canon IP - page 44 40 Routine Maintenance 6 Look at the second printout an d adjust the print head position. In the same way in step 5- 1 , select the number.

C Less noticeable horizontal white streaks D Mor Canon IP - page 46 42 Routine Maintenance 5 Look at the first printout and adjust the print head position. A Less noticeable vertical white streaks B More noticeable vertical white streaks 2 Repeat the procedure until you finish inputting the p Canon IP - page 47 43 Routine Main tenance 6 Look at the second printout an d adjust the print head position.

C Less noticeable horizontal white streaks D Canon IP - page 48 44 Routine Maintenance Cleaning Y our Printer This section describes the cleaning procedure that is needed to maintain your printer. Smooth out wrinkles on the cloth if necessary b efore cleaning. The paper that is loaded in the printer will feed through the pr inter and be ejected.

If the problem is not resolved, wipe the paper feed roller A located on the right sid e inside the Rear T ray with a moistened cotton swab or Canon IP - page 50 46 Routine Maintenance If the problem is not resolved, wipe the paper feed roller A located on the right sid e inside the Rear T ray with a moistened cotton swab or the li ke.

Rotate the roller A manually as you clean it. Do not touch the roller with your fingers; rota te it with the cotton swab. If this does not solve the problem, contact your Canon IP - page 51 47 Routine Main tenance 4 Manually rotate the paper feed roller toward you and apply a cotton swab or the like to wipe off dust or st ain.

A Paper feed roller 5 Reattach the Rear Cover. Align the protrusions at the right edge of the cover with the slots at the rear of the pr in T o always get b est quality printing result, per iodical cleaning of the inside of the printe r is recommended. Canon IP - page 53 49 Routine Main tenance 1 Make sure that the printer is turned on, and then remove any paper from the Rear Tr a y.

Canon IP - page 54 50 Routine Maintenance 1 Make sure that the printer is turned on, and then remove any paper from the Rear Tr a y. Canon IP - page 55 51 Routine Main tenance z Cleaning the Protrusions In side the Printer If protrusions inside the printer are stained, wipe off any ink from the protrusions using a cotton swab or the like. Caution Be sure to turn off the power and dis connect the po wer cord befor e cleaning th e printer.

Canon IP - page 56 52 Troubleshooting T roubleshooting This section describes troubleshooting tips for problems you may encounter when using the printer. If you were unable to proceed beyond the Printer Connection screen, follow the procedure below to reinstall the printer driver. If your system environment is not fully compatible with USB 2.

Canon IP - page 59 55 Troubleshooting Print Result s Not Satisfactory If the print result is not satisfactory such as white streaks, misalig ned lines, and uneven colors, confirm the paper and print quality settings first. When these settings are incorrect, you cannot o Open the T op Cover of the printer to confirm how the ink lamps light or flash, and then take the appropriate action depending on the error condition.

For det Clean the Paper Feed Roller. Cleaning the Paper Feed Roller will wear the roller , so perform this procedure only when necessary. Inside of Canon IP - page 62 58 Troubleshooting Paper is curled. For Plain Paper Turn the p aper over and reload it to print on the other side. Leaving the paper loaded in the Rear Tray for a long time may cause the paper to curl. If this happens, load the paper with the other side facing up. It may resolve the problem. We recommend putting unused paper back into the package a Make sure that the power cord is securely plugged into the Power Cord Connector of the printer.

Plug the power cord all the way in, since it may be difficult to plug. Ink tank is empty. Open the T op Cover of the printer to conf Print the nozzle check pattern to check for uneven ink output. Check to see if the paper you are printing on is not too thick or curled. Remove the paper following the procedure below. Canon IP - page 67 63 Troubleshooting Paper jammed inside the printer at the transport unit.

The number of flashes indicates the type of error that has oc curred. Count the flashes and take the appropriate action to correct the error.


Pixma iP3500 Support

This high-gloss, heavy-weight photo paper produces truly remarkable, high-quality photo prints that are virtually indistinguishable from professional lab results. Print Speed up to. Your printer Canon iP should be on the list displayed. Posted on Sep 01, Page 86 Inkttanks vervangen Wanneer de inkt in een inkttank op is, vervangt u deze op de volgende manier. The velvety texture of this semi-gloss paper give your photos an amazingly rich quality.


Canon PIXMA iP3500

Grotilar Canon IP user manual — — Solve your problem Raadpleeg de instructies op het scherm voor meer informatie. Anderes Papier kann nicht in das vordere Fach eingelegt werden. Printing with Macintosh Turn on the printer and load the paper in the printer. Get weekly tips straight from the experts. Your printer Canon iP should be on the list displayed.


Canon PIXMA iP3500 Series Quick Start Manual


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