Shelves: romance-historical , read , own-a-copy So next up with the Talisman ring is Brandon St. John and no little ring is going to get him tied in knots or tie the knot with any lady. He is after all strictly a two week love and leave them type of guy. Then he is on to greener bored-but-married-society ladies, it is his motto.

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The St. John talisman ring will find their one true love. Now that the ring rests in the pocket of renowned scoundrel Brandon St. John, the dashing rake must decide whether it is a blessing…or a curse. Never has the irresistible rogue, Brandon St. John, pursued a woman with more fervor—but his ardent suit of Lady Verena Westforth has a different purpose.

The delectable blond lovely is indeed enticing, but Brandon suspects her of hiding a valuable missive that he has sworn to recover. And now an extraordinary man has entered her life…at the worst possible time! But is he a needed friend or a foe in alluring disguise…and will she be able to prove to him that love is their true destiny?

At almost every step, the author appears to be taking the reader in one expected direction after another, only to veer off down a completely different garden path. Not only is it refreshing to be surprised, but the unpredictable conduct, particularly from Verena, goes a long way towards building a clearer picture of her character than all the typical romance heroine behavior in the world.

John brothers, Confessions of a Scoundrel will charm and delight readers with its clever characters, including the quirkiest servants ever to serve. Once again, Ms. Hawkins has penned a thoroughly entertaining novel.

John series! The butler snapped to attention. This should be relatively easy. All he had to do was convince Lady Westforth with whatever sum it took that it was her best interest to leave his brother, Chase, alone for a few weeks. His interest would wane — it always did. And then the spell this little charmer had cast would be broken. His smile froze, and then disappeared all together. Her bottom lip was too short, her chin far too determined, her figure not the thin, willowy type society favored.

She was blonde, her hair the color of ripened wheat, but the strands were thick with no sign of the curl so favored by the women of the ton. All in all, she was merely passable.

That was a relief. Chase could not possibly fancy himself in love with this woman. Her eyes were the deepest violet, fringed with thick, lush lashes. As she took the final stair, the light from the window crossed her face and he realized that her skin was a creamy white freshly touched with pink.

But it was her sudden smile that stole his breath. John, how kind of you to visit. Knew her. Which was silly, of course. Still, he knew he could no longer pretend she was not a danger.

Chase was in far deeper trouble than any of them had realized. There was danger in the intelligence that lit her eyes, as if she already knew why Brandon was here. But he would not be so easily dismissed. He tightened his jaw and bowed. I wished to see you without his presence. Perhaps both. This was not how this meeting was supposed to go. Chase, what have you gotten yourself into?

Yet as soon as he had the thought, another, deeper part of his mind answered, A tempting trap is it, too. With but one easy step, I could fall into it myself and never look back. It was then that he knew what he had to do.


Confessions of a Scoundrel

Chapter 11 The rain came with a vengeance. That… Chapter 14 That was just her luck…for the first time in four… Chapter 15 Verena awoke the next morning to the feel of a… Chapter 16 Verena struggled. No light… Chapter 22 Brandon slowly came awake the next morning, aware first of… Chapter 23 Brand struggled to believe the scene before him. Wycham—the traitor. John is a very sensual man. Whenever he looks at me, I get the most delicious shivers right down to my toes, just as if—Oh!


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