This is actually book three in a series, but it seemed to stand by itself. Although it referenced a situation from an earlier book twice or so, and the ex-boyfriend makes an appearance, the only thing that might be said to suffer is the world view. Additionally, midway through the book, her ex- becomes aware of weres as well, and Sophie outs the werecat to both of them. Very surprising since she tells Lindsey, "if the wrong people find out about me They might kill me or stick me in a cage.

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Beschreibung bei Amazon Karen MacInerney is a well known American author who is famous for writing paranormal romance and the cozy mystery novels. She is particularly known as the Agatha Award nominated author of the popular novel series, Gray Whale Inn mystery series. Other than that she has also written a few other well known novel series such as the Tale of an Urban Werewolf and the Maggie Peterson mystery series.

The latest mystery series that she is working on is the Dewberry Farm mysteries, which is going to be released soon. Author Karen likes to write her novels based on a number of genres, such as the science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and the thriller genres.

Apart from writing novels, she is also very fond of reading mystery novels with suspenseful plots. In one of her interviews, Karen has said that her reading as eclectic as her writing skills. As a child, Karen was born and brought up in the northeastern part of the United States.

But as of today, she lives along with her husband and a couple of ids in her house situated in Austin, Texas, United States. She has adopted a house-rabbit who lives in her house along with her family and has been named as Bunny.

Whenever Karen is not busy with writing the suspenseful plots of her mystery novels or developing the interesting characters of her novels, she is often seen indulged in teaching the art of writing to her students in writing classes.

Author Karen began her career as a professional writer in the year when she published the first novel of the Gray Whale Inn mysteries. She was lucky enough to achieve success from the very beginning of her writing career and was straightaway nominated for the Agatha Award for her first novel. The first novel series written by her is a cozy mystery series revolving around the island community situated off the coast of Maine and deals with the owner of a bed and breakfast restaurant.

The second series is a paranormal romance series and revolves around the life of an accountant who tries to ignore the fact that she belongs to the community of the werewolves.

The series also depicts a good streak of humor. The third novel series written by author Karen MacInerney shows a suburban mother who turns into a private investigator.

Before writing these successful novel series and establishing herself as a noteworthy author, Karen graduated from the Plano Senior High School and later from the Rice University.

The plot of the novel is set in Austin, Texas, United States and revolves around the life of the main character Sophie Garou. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Sophie Garou is introduced as a self sufficient woman, who seems to have everything in her life.

She works at a famous accounting firm and owns a closet, rivaling a Nordstrom showroom. Sophie also has a terrific and loving boyfriend who does not seem to be afraid of anything or anybody. However, there is only one problem in her life, she is a werewolf. She comes to know about it after learning that she has inherited the werewolf genes from her father. This causes her to have a whole new meaning to her time of the month. Being a werewolf she finds it very difficult to live among the fleshy humans.

In order to suppress her werewolf nature, she takes frequent dose of the Wolfsbane tea. Even her mother, who operates a magic shop, helps her to keep her paranormal nature under wraps. But, when a golden-eyed and a sexy werewolf enters into the town, Sophie finds it difficult to keep down her animal impulses. She also struggles to keep the things on track with her lawyer boyfriend, whom she finds to be super hot. To add to her problems, she keeps getting threatened by someone for exposing her real self.

Also, her mother gets framed for selling a poisonous potion. Now, Sophie is required to sniff out the real culprit before the matters become even worse for her. It was published by the Ballantine Books publishing house in the year The plot of this novel is set in the United States and continues to revolve around the life of the main character named Sophie Garou.

In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Sophie is depicted as being the master at taming the beast present inside her in the form of a werewolf. This comes in handy for her as she is able to live a comfortable life among the humans. Sophie has a very hot boyfriend in the form of Heath, who is a lawyer by profession. Everything seems to be working smoothly for her as she receives a big promotion at her work. Also, she spots Heath coming leaving a jewelry shop with the box of a ring.

She becomes even more happy thinking that Heath is going to propose her for marriage. But, she discovers that Heath has started spending longer nights with his new associate at his office. This makes her feel uncomfortable as she senses trouble.

Soon, her relationship with one of her clients begins to blossom. The client happens to be the most eligible bachelor of Texas with blue eyes.

Sophie begins to wonder whether she is being taken in the wrong direction by her animal instincts. Soon, everything becomes very much complicated as Sophie gets sniffed by the Houston werewolf pack. There warn her to be either with them or against them.

Now, she is required to prove to them that she is with them before the next full moon or else it is going to be her last. We recently conducted a poll among visitors and the Memory Man series was voted the 8th most favourite series by all readers. If you ARE an avid reader of it then great news — a new book is coming out very soon!!!

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Then you need to read the Coffeehouse Mysteries. This series by Cleo Coyle has been going strong since and is still publishing highly rated books every year. An excellent series to get you through the cold months. More details. However there is a lot more to Blake than just that series. He has written some of the best sci-fi books there is such as Dark Matter and Recursion. More Details.



Sasida Tales of an Urban Werewolf 3. Overall a good book and Pak hope to find time to read the rest of the series. I have never read any of Ms. While trying to see what happened to her father Sophie finds help in unusual places, some that will cost her a price that is very high.


Karen MacInerney

Meztirisar Trivia About Leader of the Pac But, after checking the publishing year of this novel, I see that it is not the case. Sep 30, Charlotte rated it it was amazing. She tries to get acquainted with him only to be disappointed. This book is definitely a page Turner! Jun 27, Gail rated it it was amazing.


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