What pedals can I use with my Kurzweil instrument? Answer: Switch Pedals A foot switch pedal from any manufacturer is compatible with our keyboards. Japanese pedals are wired in reverse polarity from American pedals. But all our products check the pedal polarity on power up and reverse themselves if needed, so as long as the pedal is plugged in before you turn on the unit, any pedal will work be certain to not step on the pedal during power up as this can interfere with the auto-calibration. In addition, some keyboards use mono jacks for each switch pedal input, whereas other keyboards use a single stereo jack for two pedals. The standard single pedal available from Kurzweil is the KP

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Page Mac Os X Sounds. If the folder is missing, create it and name it appropriately. Copy the XML files from the 02 Sound Sets folder in the sound set package to the Sounds folder in the Sibelius user settings directory. Page Windows Sounds. Click the Save button at the top of the Playback Devices dialog to save your changes, and close the Playback Devices dialog.

Page Preferred Sounds Add to apply the rule. Be sure to save the playback configuration after adding or editing rules so that the changes are stored. Page 14 This second, and more specific, rule overrides the broader rule created previously al- lowing violin section sounds to play from a different device. Page 17 Though not a perfect solution in every situation, when this control is available, altering the speed of the transition may help to disguise this effect in some small way.

Page Dynamics print in the score followed by a hidden marking that is the same as the ending dynamic, such as. Then, use the Cresc. When finished, stop recording and your MIDI messages will be entered in the score as hidden text instructions in the voice designated in Flexi-time Options. Page The Mixer and even then, only as a last resort. Doing so can result in incorrect sound allocation, cause articulations and techniques to switch incorrectly, or prevent them from switching at all.


All user reviews for the Kurzweil SP88

It has various piano sounds and the other limited choice of basic sounds like organs, harpsichord, strings etc. The sounds can be edited and saved. The instrument is multi-timbrel. It has facility for splitting the keyboard into parts where different sounds are triggered on different sections of the keyboard.


Kurzweil PC88 User Manual

This name comes about from its usual association ourzweil a split keyboard. Internal EffectNoc This is the effect number for the sounds for this setup and is the same for both zones. This is the simpler of the manyal modes and is automatically selected when power is turned on. You need to be a member in order to leave a review. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Chapter 2 Getting Started This chapter will help you hook up your Stage Piano and learn its basic functions.

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