Tutorial How to Convert JAR to EXE using Launch4j In this tutorial we will discuss How to Convert jar to exe Using launch4j, free software to convert from jar to exe we can get it for free because the software launch4j licensed BSD, for those of you who do not already have software launch4j you can download launch4j first to be directly convert jar to exe. While the. EXE file is How to Convert jar to exe Using launch4j a way to make an application that can run on the operating system, the. EXE is a file which is an extension that is so that we can immediately execute or we executable only by clicking the. EXE file.

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The redistributable files were available for both Windows and MacIntosh computers. I emailed the author, asking what he used to build the installations for each.

For the Windows installation, he pointed me to a product called launch4j. Launch4j is an all-Java program that will bind a configurable Windows stub executable file to a Java jar file. The result is a jar embedded in a specially configured EXE. Click OK. We first need to create a manifest file so that the jar will contain metadata to indicate which class should be executed via java. Enter the following two lines in a file called manifest. Although launch4j has a command-line interface, I first used the GUI.

The first screen I filled in looked similar to this: I tried to just save the EXE at that point, but I then needed to specify a minimum Java version on this tab: After changing those values, launch4j wanted me to save those options in an XML file, so I just chose the name l4j.

Launch4j then quickly packaged a small EXE. If you run it on a version of Windows with Java 1. Note that launch4j is not an installer. The source code and EXE for the above sample program can be found here:.


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Links Cross-platform Java executable wrapper Launch4j is a cross-platform tool for wrapping Java applications distributed as jars in lightweight Windows native executables. The wrapper also provides better user experience through an application icon, a native pre-JRE splash screen, and a Java download page in case the appropriate JRE cannot be found. Features Launch4j wraps jars in Windows native executables and allows to run them like a regular Windows program. Also creates launchers for jars and class files without wrapping.


Tutorial How to Convert JAR to EXE using Launch4j


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