She was the one for him. Her genes called out to his, she was his ideal mate, end of story. He sighed, resigned to it at last. He stepped forward and put himself between her and Cade. We need to get that taken care of. She pointed listlessly and Lex put an arm about her shoulders and led her inside.

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Tommie Perkins flipped his friend the bird. Something big is going on, Reyes. Even he had a sense of duty. Tommie looked down at the scribbled address on the paper in his hand and back at the street signs. He sat in the car, smoking a cigarette, and waited while Tommie ran inside to do his business.

After a while he got bored listening to the radio and he made a few calls, but no one was around. It would serve the jerk-off right if he just left him.

He resolved to make the other man buy him a beer as he watched Tommie running toward him. As he got a few feet from the car, a shot rang out and Tommie looked up at him as he clutched his side with surprised agony. He made quick work of turning the car on, squealing out of the parking lot, heading to Bellevue, where his sister lived.

Chapter One Annoyed, Lex Warden snapped his cell phone shut and let out a long breath as he took in the small cottage-style house. Once he pulled his bike onto the stand and got off, he dropped the helmet on the seat and ran his fingers through his hair to get rid of the helmet head he was sure he had after all that time riding over. The house was light blue and someone obviously took great care of it. The lawn was neat and window boxes overflowed in a burst of red and white, standing out in colorful relief against the blue.

There were raised beds along the front walk and a climbing rose snaked up a lattice off the front porch. On the porch, a glider swing and a small table with a citronella candle. More pots of flowers and hanging baskets of greenery decorated the space. It was like a nice bit of the wild right there in the city. It gave the place a sense of calm, of refuge. Shrugging off his amazement that anyone related to Gabriel Reyes could have such a neat and organized house, he stalked to the front door.

Bypassing the doorbell, he pounded. Moments later a tall, dark-haired woman answered and her eyes widened as she took him in. Nina felt her mouth water as she got a load of the man standing on her porch.

He was quite a specimen—well over six feet tall, blond-brown hair, deep green eyes. She swept her eyes down. His T-shirt and jeans were deceiving, they looked worn and faded but she could tell they were both designer, and the boots looked handmade.

A gold Piaget watch decorated his wrist. Jeez, his hands were huge. She had to gather herself mentally as her normally ruthlessly tied down libido roared to life. She could feel her pulse flutter and she gave herself a hard mental smack. If there was one thing in the world Nina could recognize, it was trouble. And this guy was trouble. Lex raked his glance over her from head to toe. The woman, most likely the sister, had on a white blouse buttoned up to the chin and slacks with low-heeled shoes.

Her hair was tightly bound up into a bun on the top of her head and she was wearing glasses. He dismissed her as a sexual being immediately. She gathered herself up and stood tall, back straight. You do seem to speak English. Are you having a problem with the word? Do I need to explain it to you? Is he here or not? He tried to stare her down but she just snorted and started to step back and close her door in his face.

A friend of his. I know who you are, Mr. Her face was hard, gaze furious. Growl at me! How dare you! Get the heck out of here and do it now before I shoot you. He stepped forward only to feel something hard poke him in the balls.

He looked down and saw the shotgun she pointed at him with her free hand. He heard the unmistakable click of the ammo loading. All the while, the muzzle of the gun never left the region of his balls. He slid his glance back up into her face, where he met her determined and bloodthirsty gaze and felt a burst of heat bloom in his gut at the sight.

Despite his annoyance and yes, a bit of fear, he had to admit that she turned him on too. He put his hands up in surrender and took a step back. Told me that the Pack was looking for him, wanting to kill him. I need to talk to him. He tried his sexy smile, a smile that this frigid-looking spinster should appreciate. Give me a break. We can talk about it more over dinner. She actually rolled her eyes at him and slammed the door in his face. Casting a glance back at the house, he saw that the spinster was looking at him from the front windows.

He tipped an imaginary hat at her as he put the key in and turned the ignition, firing the bike to life. He grunted a surprised laugh when she flipped him off in return. Men were all the same, even if they were freaking werewolves. Oh, did she think that out loud? She winced and reminded herself that she had a battery-operated boyfriend and that was the best kind. No fuss, no muss and it never asked to borrow money.

With a snort, she put the shotgun back on the rack and removed the pins holding her hair in place. Chocolate brown curls shimmered down her back.

She took off the clear lens glasses and placed them on the table near the door and rubbed her eyes. She knew that she had the kind of looks that people remembered—long curly hair, big hazel eyes, long legs and full breasts. So she put her hair up in a severe bun. She wore fake glasses and buttoned her shirts to the neck and wore slacks and flat shoes. It was necessary not to call attention to herself. She wished her brother had the same caution. Damn that Gabriel!

And with Gabriel, no news was good news. But really the change had only made a morally weak man physically stronger. Cover for him!

She snorted. Cover for him with frick-fracken werewolves. She rolled her eyes. No, she was all he had and that meant something to her still. The Pack did not come to their big wooden home in the woods. There was a Pack house in town where Lex and Cade spent several nights a week but this house was theirs and theirs alone.

Neither Cade nor Lex wanted to make that same mistake. Lex walked down the grand hallway and heard his brother, the Alpha of the Pack, clicking on the keyboard, working as usual.

He walked into the home office that looked out over the lake and flopped onto the couch. Did you find him? Lex sighed. But I met his sister. Comes to the door in some prim and proper outfit, hair so tightly bound up she probably got a headache, and gives me the evil eye. The chick has Sunday school teacher written all over her. Then she told me that Rey showed up at her place—said he was being threatened by the Pack who wanted to kill him, grabbed some cash and took off.

She called me wolf boy, slammed the door in my face. Cade wiped a tear of mirth from his eye. Damn, I wish I could have seen it with my own eyes. You must be slipping, Lex.


Cascadia Wolves Series

Voodoogore On the one hand it worked. She is a much, much better writer now than this book suggests. Er where was I? If you have read this series before, the author has redone part of the books and the covers are changing too The Cover I really like it. Overall View Pack Enforcer wolevs a delectable and angsty romance that takes you to new heights and sensations He allowed Nina to just be a total bitch to not just him but the Alpha as well as others in the pack, and her constant belittling and name calling which I am all for a good funny sarcastic female but there is a line between being funny and being a mean bitch and she was way on the mean side was disrespectful to Lex and the others in his pack.



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