Vezi AICI detalii 1 Paza si protectia sunt activitati desfasurate prin forte si mijloace specifice, in scopul asigurarii sigurantei obiectivelor, bunurilor si valorilor impotriva oricaror actiuni ilicite care lezeaza dreptul de proprietate, existenta materiala a acestora, precum si a protejarii persoanelor impotriva oricaror acte ostile care le pot periclita viata, integritatea fizica sau sanatatea. Aplicare Art. Conducatorii acestor unitati stabilesc forma de paza, obligatiile si raspunderile fiecarui beneficiar, inclusiv cele privind intocmirea planului de paza. Raspunderea pentru luarea masurilor de asigurare a pazei bunurilor si valorilor detinute cu orice titlu revine conducatorilor unitatilor prevazute la art. Acest aviz este obligatoriu pentru fiecare caz de modificare a planului de paza.

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Shakat In addition, most agricultural raw materials, such as milk, are processed into several co-products which in turn are used together with other ingredients in final products. Can it say in addition whether that funding serves to support, directly or indirectly, programmes, projects, or activities which encourage abortion?

Health impact assessment of exposure to EMF poses a significant scientific challenge as to date no firm conclusions can be drawn as to potential adverse health effects of exposure to EMFs. Unlike the retinas produced in the past, this innovative retina has been made without using inorganic semiconductors such as silicon.

Was the Council involved or consulted in the drafting process for the Tallinn Manual? Will the rights and citizenship programme have specific funds to deal with issues of transgender equality, in terms of support, challenging discrimination and best-practice sharing?

Are there any such streams dij under the next MFF, and will they be crossborder or involve more than one Member State? The quantity of tobacco smuggled within the European Union is estimated to actualizatw twice the quantity smuggled from third countries. When questioned, the organisation concerned refused to put anything in writing, saying that it was due to fear about the political situation in the region. Other countries such as the United Kingdom and Germany have voluntary, provisional qualification systems that entail no cost to tendering companies.

Can the Commission consider the introduction of a compensation system for the losses, similar to the compensation payments made in the case of the infestation of cucumbers with E. Anche se queste due malattie non dispongono di codici propri nella Classificazione internazionale delle malattie ICD — EU investigation into an energy grid access charge in Bulgaria. It is therefore not possible at present to actuxlizata when a final decision might be expected. On the basis of the above information, can the Commission state whether dih is aware of the problems faced by many biogas undertakings on account of the uncertainty as to whether or not biogas production will receive state aid?

Has the Commission conducted research on what constitutes best practice in relation to actulizata nutrition in hospitals and nursing homes across the EU? It would therefore be unclear whether the sale price would reflect the market value. The Commission is of the opinion that the data presently at its disposal is not sufficient to justify any legislative measure on seat pitch at EU level.

Problem loans by German banks to the shipbuilding industry. The role of forests is closely related to the protection of water resources and is therefore directly related to the Water Framework Directive. Fuel laundering costs Member States millions in lost excise duty, takes business away from legitimate organisations, funds organised crime and leaves behind waste that pollutes the environment and scars the countryside.

Can it specify the amounts of European funding granted to NGOs and government agencies which, within the wider field of development cooperation, promote sexual and reproductive health programmes? Active European Vin — totalitarianism. EU institutions have no competence for the protection of EU citizens and the matter was dealt with by the competent services of Poland.

The Commission encourages cooperation between Member States in the enforcement of the road haulage acquis, as well as transport information of hauliers.

If not, how do the two documents relate to one another? However, consumers and criminal networks exploit price differentials between European countries in order to save money or smuggle products. These would need to be introduced under German public law, rather than by requirements in the tender specifications.

De effectieve realisatie van dit initiatief zou een aanwijzing moeten vormen voor de resultaten die de sector ervan verwacht.

Are the European Union and, more importantly, the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund EGF prepared to support unemployed persons in obtaining training and finding new jobs, on the basis of national programmes and following requests by the Republic of Cyprus and the parties concerned, in a bid to combat unemployment and maintain social cohesion?

Like all measures supported by EU financial assistance, it should be the subject of appropriate management and evaluation procedures. They are a means of supporting and promoting local produce and local industry right across the European Union. Northern Ireland and sterling are just as vulnerable despite being outside the eurozone. Mar Vivo Sudoeste project — minimising bycatch. Daarnaast is de deskundigengroep door het Geneesmiddelenbureau gevraagd om bij te dragen aan zwakteanalyse tools die beschikbaar zijn voor klinisch gebruik.

Finanziamenti europei legwa la cooperazione allo sviluppo. TOP Related Posts.


Legea Nr.333 din 10.04.2012






*Legea 333/2003 privind paza obiectivelor, bunurilor, valorilor şi protecţia persoanelor



Legea nr. 333 din 2003, republicata si actualizata 2014


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