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Vidal Monique Chatenet, Claude Mignot eds. Historians of early modern French architecture seem to have underemphasized the changes occurring in the profession between the late medieval and the early modern era as much as historians of Italian architecture have often overemphasized them. Beautifully written and illustrated, the book brings the reader through the long history of this French type, from the late Middle Ages to the early decades of the twentieth century. As to those dedicated to Serlio, I The book analyzes twenty-five buildings chosen on the basis of their liturgical function and their symbolic meaning rather than for their outward stylistic features.

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Therefore, in order to comply with the wording of point 15, a Member State cannot apply a reduced rate of value added tax to supplies of services provided by private profit-making entities merely on the basis of an assessment of the nature of those services without taking into account, inter alia, the objectives pursued by those entities viewed as a whole and whether they are engaged in welfare work on a permanent basis.

In the light of its overall objectives and the fact that any engagement in welfare work is not permanent, the professional category of lawyers as a whole cannot be regarded as devoted to social wellbeing. Afonso, acting as Agent, with an address for service in Luxembourg, applicant, French Republic, represented by G.

Tizzano, President of Chamber, A. Borg Barthet, M. Safjan and M. Berger, Judges, Advocate General: N. Member States may apply either one or two reduced rates. The reduced rates shall apply only to supplies of goods or services in the categories set out in Annex III. That provision corresponds to point 14 of Annex H to the Sixth Directive. Application of the reduced rate in France in respect of certain services provided by lawyers is linked not to any permanence on the part of the service provider, but solely to the fact that the services concerned are provided under the legal aid scheme.

The interpretation proposed by the French Republic in support of its contention that its national rules are compatible with that directive therefore amounts to applying the exception provided for in point 15 of Annex III not only to service providers possessing a privileged status conferred by the State because they are devoted to social wellbeing, but to any taxable person, provided only that the services in question are paid for in full or in part by the State.


CA1283 ¿De qué trata la Ley 492-08?



Transferencia de Vehículo de Motor, conforme a la Ley No. 492-08, del 19 de diciembre de 1998



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492 - Hereford - Leominster


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