I have some very diligent GR buddies updating of the status of Primrose and another "new release" from the author. LOLApril LOLDear Ms. Valdez, please finish Primrose and get me out of this misery instead of shooting promises after promises of a non-existent release date.

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His shaking hand lifted her face. He stared at wet cheeks and eyes awash with tears. Despair stopped his heart and stilled his body. What have I done? Her hand came to rest against his neck. Her fingers touched his ear. The pain will pass. He looked down and saw it-bright red on her pantalets and smeared over his thick shaft. His hips jerked and his prick began to spasm. But even as his sperm erupted, self-loathing turned his gut. He yanked back and, gripping his big knob, struggled to get to his feet.

Her fingers slipped down his arm. He was still coming and his legs were shaking. Trembling, he looked down and slowly opened his hand. It was covered in blood and sperm, and his ugly beast was still as hard as ever.

Luke shivered with lust and loathing. More of her. He looked over his shoulder and his phallus pulsed. She was sitting up and, pressing down her skirts, was trying to look between her legs, which were still cocked wide apart. He snapped his head back as his cock pulsed again. This time a thick dollop of cum spilled from the stretched opening. He choked back a groan. He wanted to leap back upon her and fuck her bloody little cunt until it was overflowing with sperm and clenching with rapture.

Guilt and revulsion overpowered him. Disgusting pervert! He cleansed it of all traces of blood and semen then once, twice, brushed it over his cock before turning to her. She had tucked her legs to the side, and her eyes went briefly to his erection as he approached.

But when he stopped before her, she lifted her gaze to his. She looked up at him unflinchingly. Again, he was flooded with a possessive heat, but his reaction to her only made him angrier with himself. She frowned and hurt filled her eyes. I suppose not. Tendrils of her coppery blond hair were loose around her face. His gut slowly knotted as realization dawned. Her lower lip began to tremble. She seemed to search for an answer.

Then she shook her head and her tears spilled over. How fucking naive! His trousers followed. God damn him, he should have known. No one was that perfect-that sweet, passionate and true. And most of all he hated that he still wanted her-the lying little sharp.

It hurt and he winced at the pressure on his glans. He could hear her crying softly, but he grabbed his shirt before looking at her. He scoffed disdainfully. What the hell had she expected? That he would be overjoyed at being entrapped? That he would be so dazzled with delight over the gift of her blood, that he would happily skip with her to the altar? Or perhaps it was really money she was after. Her lips moved, as if she might speak, but then she clamped them shut. God damn it! Who will come knocking on my door to make me pay for this day?

He yanked on his shirt. Or are you just a fortunate opportunist and I an unfortunate fool? I have no idea who Lady Wilton is. And I have no idea who you are either. His anger flared higher. The birds had gone, and pain and anger hung in the air. Luke forced his breathing to slow. And tell whomever it is that I will not be forced into marriage.

Not by you, or anyone else. Then she turned and, moving to the edge of the clearing, picked up a straw hat from the ground. She paused there then glanced back at him over her shoulder. Suddenly, she looked very young. He clenched his jaw against the urge to say-what? He watched her eyes lower. Watched her turn away from him. Watched her silently disappear down a narrow, overgrown path.

Alone again. He let his head fall forward and stared down at the excruciating bulge in his trousers. Alone and in anguish. We almost sent Mr. Peters to search for you. Her cousin, Charlotte, had gotten to her feet and was coming across the meadow to join her. She was still a few paces away when her smile suddenly faded. Prim touched the spot and remembered the warm, wet pull of his mouth. She shivered and her tears welled.

Charlotte gripped her arms. But I—" her tears spilled over, "I did something—with someone. How did she answer that? Fresh tears spilled. His embrace was paradise and everything I did, I did willingly. Please, Charlotte Then, taking her hand, she turned and pulled Prim with her. As they approached, she went on. And I told my dear Mrs. Littlebottom that we would, on no account, be late for tea.

However will I explain to her that I was crippled by a stool? It growled at her most ferociously and she was forced to run away. A wild boar! The elderly driver slowly descended from his seat.

Peters ambled over, Aunt Matty whirled back around, her face flushed with nervous excitement. Take Prim to the coach! Oh, where is my reticule? If a wolf or a wild boar were to make off with my reticule, I should be very vexed!

Littlebottom, while Aunt Matty prodded Mr. Peters into speed with her startled exclamations of wolf! Prim sat across from her cousin. Peters into an early grave.


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