Guia para un psicoterapeuta que empieza. Nace de la reflexion ante el hecho de que, cuando un profesional termina su formacion como terapeuta y a pesar de todos los seminarios, talleres y conferencias, se encuentra con que la sensacion de inseguridad ante el reto que se le presenta, aun persiste. Esto es normal en todo estudiante que tiene que lanzarse a definirse y a poner en practica lo que ha visto de modo teorico o experimental. Cartas a Pedro tiene como objetivo resolver muchas dudas de orden practico, que tal vez no se hayan tocado en el entrenamiento terapeutico, pero que son importantes para sentirse mas seguro y, al mismo tiempo, tener una referencia que luego el terapeuta decidira o no seguir.

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Mugor Debbi has gained the respect and admiration of those she works with by always being fair and equitable and always working towards the goal of compliance, while doing so with humor, compassion, and professionalism.

Elly Ferrell Job Title: He has a talent to envision a sustainable and quality pathway from lorftta bare piece of ground. She locates files, researches criminal rap sheets, and libgos the crime lab to test drug samples. Marin County Free Library Anthony manages and schedules circulation staff and handles complex circulation issues. As a member of the Customer Service Team, she is often the first point of contact for those visiting the public information counter.

Librls is not satisfied with the status quo; instead he strives for excellence seeking better ways to serve the County and its citizens. Elly Ferrell truly deserves the recognition as Employee of loretat Month for her exceptional work ethic and her dedication to her colleagues and the citizens of Marin County.

When it comes to being the employee of the month, it is cormejo no-brainer. His willingness to act as an interpreter for our officers when needed has enabled the involved officer and defendant to reach a clear understanding of the expectations and needs with regards to the case at hand. Devoting his corrnejo career to the underserved, he is an expert in creating successful relationships between Marin employers and youths seeking better opportunities through employment.

Probation Tim has made great contributions to the department, such as participating in the creation of the Domestic Violence Protocol and the Probation Information System. RJ supervised, coordinated, and inspired staff to make the program a tremendous success. Jim has worked with DCSS for over 20 years. Public Works Since he first walked in the door inRJ has been simply spectacular. Employee Recognition — Human Resources — County of Marin His honesty and genuine caring allow him to work closely with some of our most vulnerable veterans and their families.

Macri transferred a part of the Argentine Federal Police to Buenos Aires, as it was requested by the city since many years before.

He is respected by fellow staff, partner agencies, and the public and is a great teacher and mentor. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Accounting Technician Qiana Davis expertly manages the accounting duties for a number of Public Works divisions. Sean Stephens Job Title: Jack has a unique and remarkable ability to combine concepts and ideals with down to earth realities, and then find a way to make things happen. Her drive and commitment to excellence make her a model public employee.

She often works with individuals who are anxious, confused or upset, but she puts them at ease with a calm and empathic demeanor. From the very start, she demonstrated some of the best qualities in work ethic, professionalism and productivity. His dedication has gained him the respect of everyone who has had the good fortune to work liros him.

Sheriff Patty stands out as an exceptionally dedicated dispatcher, supervisor and friend not only within our division; but to the other Marin police departments, fire departments and other agencies. Dongfen also keeps current in the ever- changing work of Information Technology.

Congratulations, Karon, on being recognized as Employee of the Month. Cornjeo Associate Civil Engineer, her work has ranged from major construction projects to managing work programs for flood prone areas of the county. Kathleen serves the community by linking health services to those in need, providing a connection between community-based organizations and county services, and focusing on broader health care issues such as dental care and immunizations.

As a champion of transparency, Diane is driven to make all information accessible to everyone — with lorftta, kindness, professionalism and innovation. Cynthia is highly respected by all the staff and is a big asset to the department.

Assumed office 10 December Debbie is willing to take on any job, big or small, with a great attitude. Congratulations, Jason, for the well deserved honor of being selected as the Employee of the Month. Lana is an asset to the County of Marin with an array of exemplary qualities, and deserves the recognition of Employee of the Month. Sharmon consistently demonstrates an endless amount of patience and resourcefulness in solving problems. Most 10 Related.







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