Historicity[ edit ] Parshvanatha is the earliest Jain tirthankara who is generally acknowledged as a historical figure. However, these texts present the tirthankaras with unusual, non-human physical dimensions; the characters lack individuality or depth, and the brief descriptions of three tirthankaras are largely modeled on Mahavira. A strong, handsome boy, he played with the gods of water, hills and trees. This day is celebrated on large scale at Parasnath tonk of the mountain, in northern Jharkhand , part of the Parasnath Range [43] by offering Nirvana Laddu Sugar balls and reciting of Nirvana Kanda.

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Many famous jaina mantravAdins are known to have attained siddhi and escaped from great perils through the grace of padmAvatI. While the tIrthankaras are known to have passed even beyond the realm of the devas, padmAvatI, on account of being present within the accessible realm of the devas, is held by the jaina mantravAdins to be kShipraprasAdinI.

It is believed that the origins of this deity lies in jaratkAru, who later came to be known as manasA, the deity of serpents. Her two-handed form, seated in lalitAsana, hols pAsha and divya-phala. Sometimes in texts such as the bhairava-padmAvatI kalpa, she is also depicted as holding vajrAyudha, ankusha, pAsha and padma. Adbhuta-padmAvatI kalpa describes her as holding pAsha, ankusha, varamudrA and divya-phala. Sometimes varamudrA is replaced by uraga or snake.

She is also depicted as sporting eight and twenty-four arms. Her vAhana is described as kukkuTa cock and also as kukkuTa-sarpa a variety of snake. The following stotra describes the Ayudha-s held in the twenty-four hands of padmAvatI and is used for japa and archana. Jaina mantravAdins recount tales of miraculous help received from the Goddess during times of distress on account of reciting this stotra.


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Who is Goddess Padmavati? Padmavati Devi is the incarnation of goddess Lakshmi. She is the protective goddess of Parasvanath, who is 23rd Tirthankara in the Jainism. She is a very famous divinity in Jainism and Hinduism. People worship her to attracting wealth and prosperity. Worship of Padmavati considers very fruitful for prosperity.


Padmavati Stotra-Jinshasani-Hansasani


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