Plot[ edit ] Rajan, a jail warden , takes six paroled prisoners — Bhaiyaravan, Mayandi, Mounkannu, Sangiili, David and Kalayr — and makes them work hard with him on a dilapidated country farm, with the intention of rehabilitating them through hard work and kindly guidance. He is, however, given an ultimatum: he will be arrested if even one of the prisoners attempts to escape. They all come across Saroja, an itinerant seller who they get attracted to, but she only gets close to Rajan, after he saves her from a bunch of goons. As Saroja is homeless, the six prisoners plead with Rajan to let the girl stay with them and he subsequently agrees.

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Mallanda thinthol manivanna , Vun sevadi sevee thirukappu! For several years, several more years,for several thousands of years and for crores of lakhs of years, The strong shouldered blue hued victor of wrestlers , May your reddish sacred feet be well protected. The following are the three types of devotees who have been recognised and classified in the much earlier and sacred religious text --Bhagwad Gita. The first type of persons are those whose devotion to Bhagwan is solely for acquiring wealth.

The second type of devotees are such persons who aim to free their atmas from recurring cycle of birth and death and reach Kaivalyam or self satisfying bliss. The third type of devotees are those who ceaselessly endeavour to attain parama padam or the sacred feet of the original cause of the universe and hope to be constantly at his service.

Pasuram 3 In this pasuram Periyaazhwar invites the third type of devotees. All of you ,who are firm and determined in your ceaseless devotion to reach the sacred feet of one who is the cause of life and have resolved to be in servitude to him for eternity ,kindly participate whole heartedly in the on going festival of the deity by inaugurating it, by fetching fragrant soil.

We, who spend our lives serving Bhagwan,will not allow all such persons who have enslaved themselves to outsiders in order to satisfy their material wants and greed. Let us all pray together that Bhagwan who annihilated all the rakshas living in Lanka , with the help of his army, retains his auspiciousness for years to come and that his sacred feet is protected for crores of lakhs of years. Pasuram -4 In this pasuram peryaazhwar invites the second type of devotees.

Yedunillathil iduvathan munnam vandhu yengal kuzhaam pugundu, Koodu manamudaieergal vaampozhi vanthollai koodumino, Naadu nagaramum nangariya Namo Narayana yendru , Paadum manamudai patharooleer! Vandhu Pallandu koorumeeno! In this pasuran peryazwar invites the first type of devote to join his group. Anda kulathiku adhipadhiyagi asurar irakkatharai, Indai kulathu Yeduthu kalaindhu irudikesan thanakku, Thondai kulathil ulleer! Pasuram Yendai thandai thandai thandaithum moothappan yezhpadikaal thodangi, Vandhu vazhi vazhiyat seiginrom thiruvona thiruvizhavil, Andhium podhil Harivuruvagi hariyai pazhithavanai , Panthanai theera Pallandu pallayirathu aandu yendru paduthume.

We will sing and pray that Narsimha who destroyed Hiranyakasupu in the dusk of the sacred day of Thiruvonam , be well protected for many years and many thousands of years to come and for crores of lakhs of years to come. O Swamy! You also gave special and high quality sandal wood paste to smear on our bodies as desired by us. Note : Arch enemy of serpent cobra is garuda the white crested eagle the vehicle of Maha vishnu Pasuram Uduthu kalaindhu nin peedhagavadai udduthu kalanthundu , Thodutha thuzhai malar choodi kalaindhana choodumith thondargalom, Viddutha disai karuman thiruthi thiruvona thiruvizhavil , Padutha painnaganai palli kondanukku korudhume!

You also jumped on to the head of five hooded serpent , We pray that your sacred feet is well protected for several crores of lakhs of years. Pasuram Alvazhaikku vondrumilla anni kotiyur abhimana thungan, Selvanai pol thirumale nanum unnakku pazhavadiyon, Nal vagaiyaal Namo Narayana namum pala paravee, Palvagaiyulum pavithrane! Similarily i too have enslaved myself to you.

This pasurum relates the benifit of reciting all the above 12 pasurums Meaning--The sacred Bhagwan the Resident of Paramapadam[Vaikuntum] who is the Bhagwan who possesses the bow Saranga , has His auspicious qualities enumerated in the hymn Pallandu by Vishnu Chittar[Peraizhwar], the resident of Sri Valli Puthur.

Periazhwar has written these pasurums owing to his compassion towards us all. He held a important position in court of Pandya king. Peiyazhwar won the religious debate and cleared the doubts of the ruler who then gifted gold coins and bestowed the tittle Periya aazhwar , who was till then known as Vishnu chithar.

When Periyazjhwar was felicitated by being taken around the city on a caprisoned royal elephant that Narayana seated on his vehicle Garuda is said to have come in person to felicitate Azhwar on his victory and to bless him. Peryaazhwar was awestruck by the beautiful form of Vishnu. He was afraid that evil eyes would be cast on Narayana and immediately prayed that his sacred feet be well protected for several crores of years and thus the Pasurams known as Thiru Pallandu was born.

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Pallaandu Pallaandu Lyrics

Gugal Periyalvar was surprised and he immediately composed Thirupallanduthe first twelve verses of Naliyara Divya Prabandam. The pallandu pallandu lyrics in of alvars are compiled as Nalayira Divya Prabandham and pallandu pallandu lyrics in temples revered are classified as Divya desam. Long live paanchajanyaa conch who sounds in the beginning of all Your battles. Hymns for the Drowning: Right from his childhood days he was devoted on sriman narayana. The songs of Prabandam are regularly sung in all the Vishnu temples of South India daily and also during festivals.


Pallandu Pallaandu


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