Kiktilar mantras — Is it significant to perform Rudra Abhishekam? He is the source of fertility in all living beings. However, it is believed that the Abhishek can be performed at any time after mnatras the auspicious Muhurat on rudrabhishekam mantras day. If we get there early, we can rudrabhishekam mantras in the inner chamber. It also removes rudrabhishekam mantras sorts of planetary doshams.

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That is why our ancients had thought best to utilize various portions of the Veda Mantras for purpose of rituals and ceremonies for conferring spiritual as well as material benefits on mankind since they knew that very few people would learn Vedas merely for their own sake in these days. The word Shiva is considered by the sages as Jivaratna or the Jewel of life.

That life jewel praised by all the Vedas and also called Shankara, Tryambaka etc. To worship such an incomparable form, all devotees of Shiva used to observe the following five rules. Ancient Sages have prescribed several ceremonies and austerities where Vedic Mantras are used for worship.

It is a prayer to Lord Shiva praising His various attributes and qualities. The importance of Sri Rudram is that it occurs in the middle of the Taittiriya Samhita and in the central portion of Sri Rudram is to be found the greatest of the Mantras viz. Sri Rudram is, therefore, the holiest of holy Mantras. It is also known as Shatharudriyam. Traditionally, the seventh chapter of the 4th Cantos of Taittriya Samhita called the CHAMAKA Prasnam is also recited along with Sri Rudram Prasnam in which there is a prayer for seeking material benefits ranging from material needs such as food to eat, to achieve ultimate salvation.

Sri Rudram is then chanted eleven times and at the end, one Anuvaka of Chamaka Prasnam is chanted. Abhishekam is also performed with the water sanctified in the eleven Kumbhams to the lord while the same is also sprinkled on all the devotees assembled to witness the Maharudra Yagna.

The Yagna is then concluded with Mangala Arti and Mantra pushpanjali. In the Rudrikadasini, as it is called, Sri Rudra Mantra is chanted times by the 11 pandits each chanting 11 times and the chamaka mantra is chanted 11 times, each pandit chanting once in addition to the chant required for Abhisheka, Archana, and Hawan.

The Maharudram is usually done for 11 days but to save time depending on local conditions, it may be done in 4 or 5 days according to the availability of pandits, time and resources. Eleven Such Maharudra Yagna performed without break i. These 12 1 Rudrikadasinis can be performed by Vedic Pandits for eleven days consecutively or 11 Vedic Pandits consecutively for days. What is important is the total number of times the Rudra mantras are chanted accompanied by the Chamaka Mantras.

The number of days and the number of Pandits may be modified according to convenience. But this modification has to be done only according to the prescribed procedure so that the essentials are not left out.



When the ancient sages sat in meditation, they heard these sounds of the mantras , and they started transferring to other people what they heard and that is how the Rudrabhishek was downloaded. The effect of Rudrabhishek is, it creates positive energy and removes negative vibrations. The main thing is the vibration, that is it. When Rudrabishek happens, nature flourishes; nature becomes joyful and happy.


Rudrabhishekam - The Ancient Sounds


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