The applicant can apply for this certificate under Part 61, , and based on specific criteria to include qualifying hours, former or current Military, or credits from a Degree program. Several statuses have been renamed to be more descriptive. Applicants will now have the ability to delete applications that have the status of "Partially Complete — Ready for Next Action. The Certifying Officer will have the option to remove the limitation from the temporary certificate from the Limitations page. A correction was made to accurately update Section IV on form if the applicant changed their answer to the failed rating question. The hair color "White" is now available.

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The applicant can apply for this certificate under Part 61, , and based on specific criteria to include qualifying hours, former or current Military, or credits from a Degree program.

Several statuses have been renamed to be more descriptive. Applicants will now have the ability to delete applications that have the status of "Partially Complete — Ready for Next Action. The Certifying Officer will have the option to remove the limitation from the temporary certificate from the Limitations page.

A correction was made to accurately update Section IV on form if the applicant changed their answer to the failed rating question. The hair color "White" is now available. Users may now register for another role if their current role is restricted. Additional countries have been included as a selection for citizenship, place of birth and foreign certificates. The Certificate Summary and final temporary certificate for original private applications will now display the Student certificate number The School Administrator console now includes help text identifying curricula with examining authority.

A sporadic error that occurred when Recommending Instructors tried to sign Remote pilot applications has been corrected. The validation message when a Certifying Officer attempts to retrieve a CFI 61 Original application before it has been signed by a Recommending Instructor has been corrected. The was changed to display the correct ID entered under Other form of identification.

Hours entered in these fields will be displayed on the back page of the in the Comments section. In a future release, the aeronautical section of the will be updated to include these new fields. Refresh Issue on Summary Page - A page refresh issue was occurring on the certificate summary page. This issue has been corrected.

Application Error on Rating Selection - An intermittent application error was displayed when a rating was changed on Step 2 on the rating selection page. Private Restricted U. This issue was corrected in this release. Advanced Qualification Program Error - An application error occurred if an AQP test was discontinued without entering simulator information, and the user then attempted to approve the test. This issue has been corrected in this release. Simulator Value Application Error - An application error occurred on the practical test page for type rating certificates if the simulator test was discontinued and the duration was removed.

Test Results for Two Aircraft - The single practical test page was changed to ensure that the Certifying officer enters test results for two aircraft if both were selected. Users my initially be required to enter their FAA login credentials. Username Retrieval - Users now have the ability to retrieve their username and password. The user name will be shown when the user enters their FTN and answers the security questions.

The recovered username will then be displayed. Missing Hours for U. Delete Button Issue - There was an intermittent signing error for ATP certificates when using the delete button on the practical test page. This specific issue has been corrected in this release. The change to the expiration date will be reflected on the final temporary certificate.

General Missing Text on Change Password - IACRA now displays the entire help text on the change password screen, if the applicant failed the password security requirements.

Duplicate Curriculums for Training Centers - Duplicate curriculums for Training Centers have been removed from the curriculum selection list. Mailing Address Changes for form - Mailing address location changes have been modified on the Validity Period Change for Practical Tests - The validity period for the Recommending Instructor signature and practical tests has been changed to allow for two calendar months.

Previously, when searching for these type ratings, the wrong type rating was being displayed. General Return Application to Applicant Issue - applications could no longer be retrieved when returned by the recommending instructor or certifying officer.

The validation for rotorcraft solo and rotorcraft cross-country solo has been removed from the aeronautical grid for this scenario. Training Center Selection Issue - Applicants for Part Training centers were unable to select the correct Training Center from the selection list because the description and location were being cut off.

The length of the display has also been widened. School Administrators Improved Help - Users associated with Air Agencies have reported that the authorization process is not intuitive. Additional help has been included for a School Administrator or Air Carrier Flight Instructor when either role registers with a new air agency or adds one to their existing profile.

Missing Applicant Signature on - There was an intermittent signing issue where the applicant signature is not being displayed on the final General Un-check Box for Second in Command - Users have indicated that the box on the back of the - "I have personally tested and or verified this applicant in accordance with pertinent procedures and standards with the result indicated below" should be unchecked for Second in Command SIC applications.

This issue has bee corrected in this release. Inspection Authorization certification may be revisited at a later date. Upon successful login, the Rules of System Use message will be displayed.

If the airman chooses not to sign the Acknowledgement of Receipt, then the Certifying Officer will be required to sign a form that acknowledges that the Certifying Officer has presented the PBR to the applicant.

School Administrators Enhanced School Administrator Console - The School Administrator console has been streamlined and substantially improved with the look and feel of other user consoles Certifying Officer, Applicant, etc. It includes the ability for School Administrators to view student applications in progress, locate a student within their Air Agency by FTN and last name, and view recently affiliated students.

School Administrators now have the option of searching for a specific student by FTN or last name or search for all students associated to their Training school. Both issues have been resolved in this release. Increased Knowledge Test Validation - The current message on the Knowledge tests screen has been changed to the following: "Please verify that your entire name including any middle name, middle initials and suffixes on your knowledge test report matches the name that you registered in IACRA.

Otherwise it may be returned by Airmen Certification Branch due to a name mismatch. Notice of Disapproval Mismatch for Single Tests - Correction notices are being generated if the dates on the and do not match for certificates that require a single test. This change has been applied to all certificate types where applicable. The does not have a location for a final signature for Designated Examiners.

Regulations do not require a final signature for the Designated Examiner, only a signature in the practical test section. This change has been made in this release. The location should display the airport description in which the practical test was completed. Users may be restricted once this update is made and will be required to change their FSDO in their user profile.

This issue will be resolved in this release. If the applicant attempts to submit the application, the School Administrator is required to associate a curriculum and enter a graduation date from the School Administrator checklist. The application process, including applicant, instructor, school administrator and certifying officer screens, now has a look and feel consistent with ATP CFR 61, , and certification paths.

Update to Student Certificates - Temporary airman certificates are not issued for student pilot certificates. IACRA will uncheck the "Temporary Airman Certificate" box under Attachments located on the bottom left hand corner on page 2 of the for student certificates. These requirements do not apply to student certificates. This limitation will continue to be available as a limitation on the Certifying Officer checklist. The Certifying Officer may instead add manually as a limitation for most pilot applications.

The limitation may be removed at the discretion of the Certifying Officer. Sport ratings will only be auto-filled if the applicant holds an associated limitation for the same sport pilot rating.

This issue has been resolved in this release. Therefore the entry of ATP Knowledge tests has been moved to the Certifying Officer checklist to accommodate expired Knowledge tests and associated justifications. The Recommending Instructor will no longer be required to enter the Knowledge tests. IACRA will now require the Certifying Officer to select a justification that will appear in the comments section of the when approving an ATP 61, or application with an expired written test.

The Certifying Officer must now enter comments on the when issuing a Notice of Disapproval if a practical test standard is not selected. In addition to email password recovery, a process is now available to allow users to recover a forgotten password immediately without leaving the IACRA site.

Users that fail to login repeatedly will now be automatically redirected to available password recovery options. Predefined mandatory limitations will still be locked and may not be removed. This change supports the review of previous limitations. Unique Email Address - IACRA now verifies that the email address entered during registration or when the user edits their profile is not already in use by another user. The user will then be prompted to enter a unique address.

This change currently applies to any standard certificate types that require multiple practical tests. A future release will include the change to remaining certificates. If you attempt to login and are restricted, please update your user profile with your appropriate FSDO and save. If you are an active Certifying Officer you should then be able to log in successfully.

Applicant Section - When applying for a Gold Seal, validation for the ground instructor rating was not being displayed if the calendar was being used to enter the date of issuance. If an Air Carrier Flight Instructor or School Administrator adds a second Air Operator to their user profile and logs out of the system, upon login the Air Operator was not in the list for selection.

IACRA now has improved validation in registration for users who have the same first, middle, last name and same date of birth. IACRA now displays all air operators that hold both and certificates. IACRA was not requiring the certificate number for roles which require them. This was causing an application error. This issue was resolved in this release. All appropriate rules will then be applied based on the certificate that is being applied for and the certificates that the applicant holds.

The application flow has been restructured for and certificates. The new form flow will follow the major sections of the On the pilot aeronautical grid, IACRA will now allow the applicant to select the application from which hours should be imported.

The appropriate hours required for and certificates have been included in this release. The applicant can also submit an application if they hold an ATP rating.


Form FAA 8710-13 - Remote Pilot Certificate and/or Rating Application

If you currently hold a pilot certificate, you will need information from the certificate in order to register as an applicant. Please enter the certificate number and date of issuance exactly as they appear on your certificate. If you do not hold a pilot certificate, you can still complete the registration form and register as an applicant in IACRA. Also, if you currently hold a pilot certificate, you will need that information in order to complete an IACRA application. Please review these certificates and modify if necessary. I recently renewed my CFI certificate.


Form FAA 8710-1 - Airman Certificate And/or Rating Application


EN 50131-6 PDF

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